ATIS and METAR not the same


I just made a flight (with the game ATC), the ATIS frequency of the airport and the METAR gave me different wind data.

The in game METAR (Microsoft source) was the same as the METAR on this website METAR TAF : Aéroport international de Bâle-Mulhouse-Fribourg, Bâle-Mulhouse France. I fly with real time weather.

So why the ATIS had different wind data?


This may be your answer:

And I also found this thread about live weather issues, that may be part of your problem as well

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So I assume METAR and ATIS should always give the same informations?

They may not be exact, but they should be fairly close, yes.


Also wind direction in ATIS is magnetic while METAR wind is true. MSFS does correctly apply magnetic variation to the ATIS wind direction I believe, but the actual wind in sim is not corrected so blowing from wrong direction.

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Hi, I have noticed the same and opened a Bug report for that: ATIS not Matching METAR