ATIS Conditions Incorrect - Few Clouds at 1,100 Feet

Agreed, also with 3mi visibility.

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ah yes, you’re right - always 3mi visibility as seen in my screenshots.

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This needs more votes. ATIS does not work at all in sim… the info is always incorrect.


Absolutely needs more votes! ATIS is very unreliable at the moment, from not working at all in most airports to giving wrong reports.

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Bumping this up… Such a fundamental issue, this should be classed as a “show-stopper” from Microsoft’s own terms. All previous versions of flight sim had accurate ATIS. I don’t understand how this is not a priority for them.
This is the issue with catering to a gaming market rather than a sim market. Evident by the number of votes for this compared to removing the press any key to start page…

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The only way I know of to actually know what the weather conditions are is using the ATIS, which almost never reflects the actual in game conditions. Though when the “live” weather is so wrong in the first place does any of it really matter…

With all due respect, it absolutely matters regardless of live weather accuracy.

If I’m flying VFR and the airport in the sim is in IFR Conditions via Clouds or Visibility, I need to know so I can plan a diversion.

Grabbing the ATIS is an important part of the descent checklist. Prior to calling the tower, you need to report what ATIS information you have. And it has gotten to the point where I tune out the ATIS information except for altimeter.


I agree, emphatically. The ATIS is my second biggest issue with this game aside from the inaccurate weather. Even if the weather is grossly inaccurate (at least in my area) at least if the ATIS was correct I could deal with it. It’s bad enough to load into my airport knowing the actual temperature is 37C only to see the in game temp 24C but then to have the ATIS report yet some other temperature and clouds at 1100’, 4500’ and 12500’ when in game skies are clear. It’s maddening. It also makes flying pointless. I have a feeling 90% of players are the kind that get in a jet, never talk to the tower and just start flying without even trying to follow procedures. At least judging from the knuckleheads I encounter whenever I have LIVE players turned on. :frowning_face:

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I agree, I was being a bit tongue in cheek. Besides ATIS being wrong the most annoying part is when I’m approaching an airport and tune in the ATIS and I have 3 different airports on the same ATIS frequency.

I’ve noticed that too.

Bumping to get more votes.


This sucks so bad. Weather and weather reporting is such a huge part of flying. Shocking this hasn’t been fixed yet and isn’t getting more votes. Please Asobo make a quick fix to this!

That’s my complaint too. Right now, there aren’t enough simmers. There are a lot but my feelings is the vast majority of players are “gamers” not “simmers”. Few others seem to care.


Confirmed still broken in

Interestingly, I did get visibility 8sm instead of the normal 3. However, it was very foggy and likely less than 1 sm.

Also, it’s worth noting using presets like Storm still claim “scattered” clouds

Yup, continues to be broken in latest patch. Very annoying - hoping for more votes on this one!

ATIS is still ruining the sim, so I purchased REX. Now I can EITHER get accurate ATIS reports, or I can get smooth frame rates and accurate weather for the full route. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just get BOTH?! FIX THIS MICROSOFT!!!

Hey everyone keep voting this big up. Ridiculous that the sim was released without a working ATIS

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Still no changes in ATIS, this issue needs to be bumped up and get more votes.

I agree - something as fundamental as this needs fixing, happy to help bump up - have already voted, would vote again if I could!

Agreed - disappointed to see yet another update roll in without a fix to this very fundamental issue. Impossible to fly to an airport and know the landing conditions before you arrive. Seems like a completely basic requirement, even for the most casual pilot!