ATIS Conditions Incorrect - Few Clouds at 1,100 Feet

Listened through the latest Dev QA - no mention of ATC or ATIS, as far as I could pick up, not even when talking about Sim Update 3 :frowning:

Come on Asobo is it really that difficult to have correct cloud layers and visibility (and dewpoint) in the ATIS? Just copying the latest clouds / visibility from the real world METAR would be a big improvement!


Just keeping this thread alive, with the confirmation that this issue persists following World Update III.

Had another “thrilling” landing last night in what ended up being IFR conditions to minimums, even though ATIS (and ATC) gave me visibility 10 and a visual approach to a runway with no ILS… Always an adventure in this sim…!


This is my point exactly. It makes listening to any ATIS pointless. I’ve noticed not only are clouds incorrect but wind speed and directions seem to be incorrect as well. If that’s the case, ATIS is pointless. I’d be ok with in game weather not exactly matching real world because of the way they model weather, as long as the in game ATIS is accurate to in game weather. This is supposed to be a sim. And I’m ok with this fix being a low priority but can they at least acknowledge it’s a problem? At least then I’d know someday it will be fixed.

I only listen to ATIS for wind and pressure information, the rest ist just utterly useless at the moment. Even the notification about which runway is in use doesn’t make sense very often in regards to the prevailing wind direction. I hope this is far up on the priority list. I reported it several times already, but nothing till now.

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Oof. This is still broken in Sim Update 3. Sky conditions continue to have the same bug.

Looks like we’ll be waiting awhile for a functional ATIS :frowning:

@SrgtDonut wow, that’s super disappointing.

I’m 20 years in the software industry, and have nothing but respect for what Asobo is creating, and I’m full of understanding for the complexity of their undertaking and how issues and new features need to be prioritized very tightly.

All that said, I’m still baffled that such an obvious bug (present in ANY flight, in ANY plane, from ANY airport), impacting core gameplay, still is not being addressed, and with a solution that, to me from the outside, seems simple: Asobo must have access to a structured expression of what the in-sim weather is, and it must be possible to convert this structured data into text.

And if that really is not possible, or if it is much harder to do than I think, then at the very least don’t be obviously wrong, like hardcoding an always incorrect and misleading ATIS. If you can’t report on the weather, then don’t. Just comment out that code, until you can actually deliver a usable ATIS.


Just wanted to share my post from another thread. I feel like these problems don’t get resolved because they’re so scattered and never get the upvotes needed or just die off after a month.


For sure. As a software engineer myself, I’m trying to stay patient. I’m sure the data they’re getting is complex. Even Overcast Presets have moments where the clouds break.

Communication is my biggest disappointment. Being told Sim Update 3 will have huge ATC Improvements (including this ATIS bug), yet come time it’s just a few bullet points in the release notes – at the bottom. Now this leaves me wondering when/if this will be fixed.

Even just an acknowledgment of the issue would put me at ease. At the Weekly Dev Meeting, they were very vague discussing ATIS Issues.

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As a minimum, I’d love to see a community manager confirm that the team recognize this issue, but is not prioritizing it, along with a clear confirmation that they understand that this issue is not to be lumped together with the much-harder-to-solve/if-not-impossible challenge of general Live Weather Accuracy.

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We were specifically told that this would be sorted in this update. The guy who sits on the right hand side in the live Q/A session answered a question (and rather abruptly if I may say so) that I asked directly. He said, and I quote: “It’s coming, sim update 3”. That’s all he said.

Still frustrating that we have been mislead again, and this fundamental and basic issue still persists.

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yeah, I feel you… :slight_smile:

But - I almost want to tell myself “told you so” - when that Q&A was discussed in this thread, I rewatched the clip, and I still think that both the moderator and the guy (Martial Bossard) conflated “our” question of ATIS with the general complaint about “weather not being accurate”:

That’s why I’m quite curious to get a confirmation from Asobo that they really do understand what we’re on about in this thread :slight_smile:

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@AndyXPO There’s another Q&A session tomorrow, let’s try to get the question in again! :slight_smile: But we gotta figure out a way to word the question so they can’t sneak around with general talk about weather :wink:

Oh really? Is there a board on submitting questions like there was in the past?

I’m going to try using the term “Sky Conditions” as that’s what the ATIS refers to as the cloud layers in the report. I’ve also stopped making references to Live Weather. Even the Preset for Storm still says “Few Clouds”


I’m up for that. I’ll be online in the session ready to post questions in the chat. :+1:


@AndyXPO no luck with our questions so far in the dev Q&A… :frowning:

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Not yet. I’ll keep trying when they go to the Q/A!

Was that a vague answer Jorg just gave? He mentioned metar but not ATIS.

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I don’t think so. They are still focusing on talking about how live weather is not accurate, or matching real-world metars, which is frustrating because that will NEVER be perfect, and I honestly don’t care that they raise it from 85% to 95% accuracy or whatever. #notmyproblem

Poor answer. “It comes with refactoring of weather we are working on it”.

They don’t seem to understand how fundamental this is.