ATIS Conditions Incorrect - Few Clouds at 1,100 Feet

Yeah, I honestly think it’s just going to get delayed to when they refactor the weather system to accommodate those asking for the live weather to be what they see outside their house. Which honestly will be awesome - but one step at a time, right?

  • Live Weather matching outside my house: Cool
  • ATIS properly reporting the sim conditions: Pilots absolutely rely on this!

As a developer, I can understand why they’d want to wait for a refactor. However, that all depends on timelines. A year or longer will be a big yikes.

If they’re rending the clouds, I’d imagine there’s a programatic way to say what altitude they are rendered at. But if there’s not, let’s talk about it during the Q&A instead of glancing over it.


Confirmed not working in SU4.

Very disappointing that they falsely edited their video for ATIS to say “Sky Condition - Clear”

Visited KDEN today which was clear skies - “Few Clouds at x, Few Clouds at Y, Few Clouds at Z”

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They’re not using Live Weather in that one, so that’s why.

And yes, another disappointing round. Sim Update V will be all about Xbox (?) so we’ll be going through the entire summer without being able to do proper VFR flying…

This is actually ridiculous! And watch them ignore this in the next Q&A as well…

Latest word is the cloud layer reporting has been fixed and will be released in SU5:

It was stated that ATIS could not consider “less than few clouds” which isn’t accurate (it occurs on all live weather conditions, overcast, etc) - hoping that was just a communication error as part of a live stream.

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A previous topic about this was closed saying planned for SU3.

In the last Q$A they didn’t understand the issue. In the most recent one above they said they didn’t notice the issue. I mean, does nobody there use the ATIS functionality? I noticed it on the very first flight I did on the sim back in August last year.

And now it’s apparently in SU5, but forgive me if I have doubts about how much better it will be.

Will it finally accurately report all cloud layers, heights and current conditions? It wasn’t a very clear answer in the Q&A.

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Good news!! It’s looking like this is fixed (with a quick check using Live Weather in an Overcast Area). How’s this all looking for you? The ceiling did seem to be about 1900 for me, but I’ll take this big improvement!

WHAAAAA???!?! :smiley: Can’t wait to try this out in a bit - will report back! #whatawaytostartthemorning

Unfortunately still not perfect

So far, so good for me. Haven’t had major discrepencies

Yeah on first flight after SU5 install, was surprise to hear “overcast” and not “few clouds at” 3 times. :slightly_smiling_face:

And not only that but like in your screenshot for the first time the wheels on the small tug turned and the yellow light actually rotated too. :open_mouth:

After a month or so of flying with SU5, I think it’s safe to say this bug is improved, but ATIS Cloud Layer reporting still is not perfect. I believe it can correctly report if the sky is fully overcast, but if there’s a broken layer above the airport it reports “clear”

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It’s definitely much better and not perfect! :slight_smile:

Not sure I remember correctly, but I do believe I’ve also heard it report “broken clouds” over the ATIS after SU5. Have you had that?

Closing this out as the initial ask was resolved, but I see there are still some issues. Please create a new thread detailed the “clear skies” bug and will be sure to report it. Thank you!