ATIS mid flight?


Xbox here in a320, how do I listen to ATIS mid-flight?

I try ATC menu, but can never find anything to tune.


tune in ATIS freq. manually in the COM-Panel. :slight_smile:

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Ok where do I find the freq?

I’m a complete novice, lol

I often leave all the ATC talk to the co pilot.

I don’t think there’s anywhere in the sim that you can look up frequencies so you need to use an external source.
I’ve always got Little Navmap running and by searching for an airport you can find all the info about it, including a current METAR. Sometimes it gives preferred runway, not always but at least you’ve got the wind. LNM takes it’s info from MSFS so should be correct. If you check the COMS tab it’ll give you the ATIS frequency too.
Alternatively Navigraph also has this facility. I’ve only just started using it but have connected it to LNM and the sim so again it should have the correct weather etc.
Tune the ATIS frequency into your COM2 and turn up the volume (you may have to select audio as well) and there you are. Remember you have to be in VHF range to receive it of course.

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Brilliant what sort of range are we talking?

I will try this out next time i’m on.


Not sure TBH. I use the VHF degredation option in the sim - the further you are from the transmitter, the signal deteriorates, also supposed to vary with altitude. It seems to work OK at 25nm but nothing heard at 50nm; never really experimented as I use the info from LNM.
Something to play with when I’m next sat twiddling my thumbs as the AP does it’s thing!

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I notice I can get the some ATIS frequencies from as well, so will test them next time.