ATIS no more working since April update

Dear all,
One thing that worked before the last update: listening (audio) of ATIS message at an airport (Example here is Toulouse Lasbordes (LFCL))
By switching COM2 to the right frequency (128.10) of the ATIS at LFCL, and switching COM2 on the audio panel, I was used to hear the ATIS message. But this time, no sound at all and no text message. No possibilty to get the correct QNH.

I am using Windows 10 on MAC with the store version. This has not been reported to Zendesk as I would like to know if anybody encountered the same issue.

ATC is completelly broken since WorldUpdate 4.
It’s not just ATIS, it’s all sorts of things.
ATC at this point is a mess.


Thanks a lot for this. I did not try yet all the features. So, let’s wait for the next update. In the meantime I will fly the real Cirrus!

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