ATIS no more working

Brief description of the issue: atc
For a couple of weeks it seems ATIS is broken for me. Tuning in ATIS frequency at any given airport on the radios (and the frequencies are correct as per Navigraph), the radio tunes itself back to the previous frequency. Happens in modern airliners like A320FBW as well steam gauge aircraft like the C172. Anyone else having the same issue? ATIS only works when at departure gate and selecting it from the ATC menu on top. But no way I can get ATIS information while flying towards my destination. Any suggestions?

Yes it is for me, did you find out what to do??? I need help to, its the same flicking back

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Sometimes yes sometimes no for me.

If this were a feature where a real life NOTAM was issued about a certain ATIS frequency and it was reflected in the sim, this would be wonderful. But we know its another flaw/bug of another one of the basics.

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I found the solution here:
[BUG LOGGED] Cannot hear ATC instructions and other aircraft suddenly while AI copilot still responds
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Is your copilot option disabled ?