ATIS question

Is it normal for ATIS/ATC to say which runway is active but then say the landing and departing runway is the opposite one? An example is at KBFI. Once in a while, ATIS will say (for example) ILS runway 31L in use. Landing and departing runway 14R.

I’ve never really heard that in real life when I monitor ATIS at my local airports.


No, usually it is the same runway for takeoff and landing or they will land one runway(s) and use another runway in the same direction for takeoff at busy airports. The only places that use opposite directions like that is at Aspen and Telluride. Those airports have mountains for obstacles making them exceptions.

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This is not uncommon, when you only have an Instrument approach to one runway. In your example, for IFR, the approach in use is ILS runway 31L. For VFR operations traffic is landing and departing runway 14R. There is probably no instrument approach to runway 14R, which the winds seem to be favoring.

Thanks, @rockinrobin1643 . Actually 14R/32L both have ILS approaches (110.90 is the frequency). Strange. It doesn’t happen that often, but once in a while it does. I guess Asobo needs to look at that along with the other ATC issues.