ATIS Range too low

Similar to my VOR/DME topic (VOR/DME Range too low)
I want to talk about the range of the ATIS in the sim.

Like the VOR topic, there is a very short time, just before the airport, when you are able to receive the actual ATIS from your destination airport.
ATIS brings us Pilots the latest information not only about the weather, more important are the active runways for planning purposes. Due to that, it´s a bit late tbh, when receiving the station at about 50nm (if lucky) from the airport.
I know that in rl, there are many various factors decreasing the range of a VHF signal, but I really do not expect to put that all in here …too much physics going on there :rofl:

But if there´s a chance to increase the possible range to receive the ATIS station, it would be great and very helpful though.

I tried a couple of airport around the world expecting to receive ATIS from a range of 100 to 150nm when flying at FL330 to FL390, but it does not work and it’s random.

Small airport with mointain serounding it will give me better range about 80nm max and it can go as low as 55-60nm when it’s a massive airport on a flat terrain

Something is very wrong here

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