Atlanta area performance issues

The performance in this area is awful. I have been playing the sim without issues in ultra settings even in high detailed handcrafted airports using photogrammetry. Atlanta and the area close to the city is frame rate killer. I tried to reduce the settings even in low but the result was the same. freezing as if i use an old pc.

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Please file a Bug Report on Zendesk. You can create a new ticket by clicking the “Submit a Request” link on Zendesk’s navbar. This is the preferred method.

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I have good VR performance in London and New York, but around Atlanta my mid-high PC judders to a slideshow and then completely freezes.


Yes the area has performance issues and that’s because of the trees.They are a few threads already pointing this out.


just after landing in atl, in the pattern fps were from 6 to 9fps. the slideshow starts at ~20 miles out.

flying out of atl after a restart.

Nobody has proved it’s due to trees. Lots of places have trees. The explanation is probably more complex, but not being investigated by Asobo at the moment.

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I posted in some older thread about this also
ATL area is a no fly zone because it’s a 100% repeatable problem on my machine. As soon as I approach KATL performance is just disgusting.


It’s partly the trees I’ve been in the alpha program since 2019 and they used different trees and the trees they had were less and performed much better.Atl has more 3d trees in photogrammetry more than any other city.Similar drop around Boston but not as bad.
NYC areas fps drop with trees or you haven’t done any test yourself!
Is that enough proof for you?
I can’t post old shots due to nda but fps was much higher.
My fps is good on the ground and also smooth @KATL but once Im in the air it stutters.
There you go!

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I have Series issues with KATL. The optimization of the airport is terrible. Compared to other airports my GPU utilization is between 80 to 100. Whenever I go to Atlanta KATL the GPU utilization is all over the place. Between 40 to 100 percent. No add on in community folder and default planes. Anyone else?

I think i found out where the issue is but around KATL and nearby area ram usage shoots up dramatically. I am currently on all ultra settings with all maxed out traffic but only running at 1440p and live weather when loading the area ram usage peaks at 28gb. I am currently running 32gb of ram at the moment since the other 32gb ram i have failed. I had times where my flight sim were running at 4-5fps even at FL250 in the area and seeing the ram usage peak at 28gb and when it does peak like that GPU utilization goes down since virtual memory is being used to help the ram.

This has to be the worst performance yet I have seen in this sim. Took off from KATL to land at KPDK and I hope I can land with at least 20fps. Although a not well optimized area the GPU is pegged. The poor 2060super cannot render all those polygon on this resolution. Fortunately performance increased a bit on final

Meanwhile Over LA

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I just took off from KATL with the CJ4 with working title mod and the stutters were like a pigeon slowly moving its head to pick food.

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The area around KATL is packed with lots of objects with their textures. More than other areas. The graphics details are amazing! Unfortunately these graphics details steals a lot of FPS. Right now the only “fix” is to cut back the graphics parameters.

It does need optimization but it also needs a lightning fast gpu to render all those trees.

If you look at my screenshots the gpu is maxed out.

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Hi. Although I reduced the graphic settings to low nothing changed unfortunately. Anyway I will never fly again in this area cause I use Ultra settings in my flights. I was wondering how come the u.s.players didn’t complain about this earlier?

We are complaining. There’s multiple threads with multiple post, SO many users have the same problem. We are all saying the same thing, but seems like the problem is falling on deaf ears.

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