Atomium wrong in GOTY update

Microsoft Store version → GOTY update

Brussels POI: Atomium is wrong in the GOTY update!
There is a building mixed with the Atomium.


They are already aware of this and they will look at it. Same problem here.

January 2022. still this horrible autogen building in place of the Atomium in Brussels

I play on Xbox Series X. And I live in Belgium. But with the new update, the Atomium is still not fixed. Is that the case with other people too?
There is a building around it. Is it still not fixed with the patch?
On another question how much rolling cache should I set on Xbox Series X. Today I played again and the scenery was horrible. Is there also a reason why internet is so slow in flight simulator? I have a line with 64Mbps but I don’t get that in flight simulator. Thank you all

So is anyone having the same problem?

Yes, look at that!

Ok thank you. It seems like I am not alone. Sadly it has not been fixed then.
I thought they were aware of this problem for a long time.

Simple exclude polygon until Asobo fixes it. :smiley:
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Thanks for the help. But I am playing on Xbox Series X. I don’t think it works on the console.

Greentings everyone, as the topic author mentioned it, the Atomium monument at Brussels is still merged inside a huge building, i hope this will be fixed and have a good day :thinking:

They seem to have fixed it in the last update.

Indeed, I can confirm … WU 7 fixed it!
The Atomium is back!
Thanks Asobo


Hooooooo yes !!!

We can close the thread now.
Hopefully, the Atomium will not disappear again in this horrible concrete building.