ATR-42 Engines wont start cold and dark

I doubt it as well, but it might not hurt to rule it out by trying a default livery.

Well, as usual with MSFS, the next time I attempted to fire up the very same livery at the very same destination airport with the very same simbrief FP, it worked flawlessly. Who knows, what is going on in this sim sometimes…

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Sometimes things don’t load properly I notice. When Concorde came out I was running into the issue where it would sometimes not rotate during takeoff. Restarting the sim always cleared it up.

I think Speedbrake22 is on the right track. When I had the same problem with the ATR not starting, I checked the battery voltage and it was at 3V. I did set DC and AC ground power in the EFB and pressed the two switches in the OHP as usual but the engine would not start. Resetting the flight and starting in Hotel mode as quickly as possible solved the problem.

My guess is that the ATR does not check whether ground power is available at the airport and stand in the sim. The EFB allows you to connect GPUs and the OHP will show power available, but the sim will not actually provide the power needed, leading to the discharge of the battery during flight preparation.