ATR-72 Overhead Panel Availabe


About 10 years ago I started working with RusCool Electronics to build an ATR-72 overhead panel. I got all the necessary parts for a complete working panel, but unfortunate for me the project died on the vine. I thought I’d check in here first to see if anyone is interested before I hit the other typical places to sell things.

RusCool did an excellent job stamping and putting things together and sending the necessary parts for lighting and driver boards. The engine panel has been set up to show how components would be put together.

If anyone is interested they’d have to contact RusCool for the software that drives the boards. There’s also some drawings my brother did to help create the panel support. I used it and the panel went into place nicely. I’ve attached some pics. If anyone is interested PM me to haggle.




Looks decent, PM sent…