ATR engines exceed TQ% in CLB and then massively drop TQ%

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atr 42 / 72

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During a flight EDDS - EDDK (on vatsim) I noticed that during climb I was suddenly loosing thrust and got a speed warning and AP disconnected. I recovered from this and continued climb. When reaching 5000 ft I noticed a decrease in airspeed and realized that the engines were only at 3.5 TP%. Thrust lever were at Notch position. Recovered by moving thrust lever to idle and notch and then the engines behaved normal again.

I also noticed that during climb TO% display was filled yellow two times. No idea where this came from.

I never encountered something like this in many flights with the previous version

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The spooled down engines:

The yellow filled TO%:

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Not really sure. I reproduced the same flight EDDS-EDDK with live weather and also using anti ice and icing conditions but it did not happen during the second flight.

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

It happened today again, twice.

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Normal takeoff procedure (takeoff on TO then switching to CLB after passing 1000 ft, AP on) after this the TQ is always yellow and exceeded the limits. The result is, that the engine will drop TQ% to 4% (without any other parameters apparently changing). To “fix” it the throttle has to be reduced temporarily and increased again. But if it is increased to NOTCH it will happen again.
Only “solution” I found is to either switch to TO / MCT or reduce throttle to somewhere around 50-55 to avoid over-torquing.
As this only started with the latest update, I would guess a code change introduced to prevent the HYD pressure issue is sometimes messing things up.

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“over torqued” engine:

reduced TQ with throttle at NOTCH:

setting throttle to 52 gives still yellow TQ but engine will not reduce TQ:

Is this the 42 only? What controller for throttle?
Never seen anything like this in my 100+ hours wtih the 72.

I have also never experienced this before the latest update. And in the flight I’m just in (LSZH-EDDF) it is also all fine.
It is an erratic issue and I have not identified what it causing it. Maybe something related to weight?

Using a Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick.