ATR ignores ground power availability leading to drained batteries and engine start failure

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No, only for debugging but the bug happens also in normal mode

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ATR-42 and ATR-72 by Asobo

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ATR is connecting automatically to ground power even if it is not available on the stand. All instruments and the EFB indicate that the plane is powered by the GPUs when in fact it is the main battery powering the plane. This leads to the plane not being able to start after cockpit preparation due to the battery draining.

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See the video.

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Same as this?

@jimsom5163, the linked post is closed/locked with a last date of 9 Jan 2024. Looks like the problem has not been soreted if someone can reproduce it.

Yes, it’s marked resolved (“by design”). They might not consider this beeing a bug.

The airport scenery must have a GPU assigned at the parking for the battery to charge, but I guess the problem is that it’s hard to know if that is the case.

It is related to the one you linked, but I think my demonstration shows the real reason behind the problem:
The plane is not properly indicating lack of ground power at a stand. It will indicate “Available” as soon as you connect the GPU on the EFB, independent on whether or not the stand is actually supplying power.
I have no problem with stands not having power. It is realistic after all and there is a solution (Hotel mode). But if the plane falsely lets the player believe that it is powered by ground power while the batteries are discharging, that’s a bug for me and not “By Design”.