ATR72 - binding names list

Hello all,

I’d like to bind some ATR function to physical hardware, but I have trouble to find the information needed.
What are the shortcut names; if they exists, for binding :

  • Aux Hydraulic Pump (Ground Control)
  • Check Take Off Configuration
  • Gust Lock
  • Engine #1 Starter (and #2)
  • Engine Start mode
  • Parking / Emergency Brake (for this one an axis would be ideal as I intend to bind it to the spoiler axis of the TCA Quadrant)

The only useful info I found was for the power management, here:

Thanks for your help!

I’ve tried most of shortcuts related to engine starting and fuel pumps, but none seems to activate in the plane.

I could understand that specific things like the Gust Lock may not have a shortcut, but Engine Starter #1 seems standard enough, and there are shortcuts in MSFS for that in other planes.