ATSimulations MC-15 Cri Cri released (prop/jet & float)

Yeah I’m done buying from the marketplace if they sit on updates for weeks.


Not to mention they encrypt the files so you are stuck with what you purchased. I’ll never have custom liveries for my Carenado purchases, and that is one of the main reasons for buying payware IMO. To have a fleet of highly detailed liveries to choose from.

My sound for the Cri-Cri is coming along nicely. If we can get the physics squared away, it’s an awesome little bird. It just needs a little love. No much, just a little. Hopefully, someone can step up. If not, I may try to dig in. It’s worth it to get this one right. The model is outstanding.


thought it was two chain saw engines :slight_smile:

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So, it appears that the engine.cfg file does not use the idle .wav file. The RPMs are too high after the engine starts and it skips the first wav file, which is the idle. The reason is, the engine throttle position does not match the RPM in any sense. Much work needed on the engine.cfg to get right. This is trial and error by me as I have zero idea what these settings do. Slowly learning some things.

From where I sit, this should never have been released. It feels and behaves like a freeware FSX port that was halfway done.


Does anyone else experience the prop and float versions to be buried? I know I am not the only one, but I wonder if there is anything else that’s causing this, cause it seems at least a few people are able to fly those?

Also, has anyone been able to start the jet from cold and dark?

Fun little Aircraft. Looks great with a fantastic view, however it sinks into the runway whenever I land.

Need that fixed asap.

Which variant? And did you start cold and dark or on runway? If cold and dark, wasn’t it sunk in even before the flight? Any of your experience would be appreciated.

Hey buddy,

During testing the only issue of this nature i encountered was the float variant being slightly off in the hangar but have never encountered it in game. Is this with a certain airport or scenery?

I found i wasnt being patient enough. Throttle up and give it 45 seconds or so then release parking brake and the jet works great for me (i did report a visual bug however where the throttle wasnt animated until i was airborn).

No special scenery, just starting on a ramp at TJVQ in Vieques. But the issue also happens in the hangar, which makes me think it’s independent of the airport, though I am gonna try a different airport just for the sake of it…

Also, have you tested starting the jet variant from cold and dark? If so, what are the steps? No one seems to be able to answer this.

Interesting. Just started with a piston variant on ramp at Lukla. Aircraft was NOT buried this time, so I was able to fly. I was only able to start engines with Ctrl-E, no manual start procedure. But in the hangar it remains all messed up. But at least it can be flown. Something remains off though in the way it displays in the hangar. No other 3rd party aircraft does that.

Here’s a copy and paste of the devs response once i fed back the same issue that you have…

"About starting, keep in mind that turbines need time to start, you need to wait around 30-60sec maybe after ctrl+e for both are fired.

Same about dynamics, seems MSFS jets are “powerful” on very poor diapason of rpms… I’ll try to find out."

I now give it 30-40 seconds and they behave as expected, it was more the cockpit throttle animation that threw me as it wasnt responsive

Yeah, he mentions “after Ctrl-E”… That’s NOT good enough. Is this trying to simulate a real aircraft or not? I mean, every default and third party aircraft released thus far can be started by procedures! There is NO “Ctrl-E” button in the real thing and that sort of stuff is killing all immersion.

Not a response on their FB page on the thread about release either… This isn’t creating a nice first impression for AT Simulations. As things stand right now, I wouldn’t recommend this CA to anyone.

People give Asobo a hard time for glaring issues with their AC. These add-ons are PAYWARE - they are above and beyond what the simulator is able to provide with default - we should expect a higher level of quality when it comes to this aircraft. As it stands right now, this AC is plagued with issues worse than any Asobo plane in MSFS. From procedures/lack of, to no checklists at all (or any procedures in documentation), flight model that is wonky at best, AWFUL sound package, etc…

I know you tested this AC and ultimately the decision to release this wasn’t with you, but this should NOT have come out in the state it’s in.

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Understood. is the best place to air your concerns.

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Thank you. I did send an e-mail there. Just out of curiosity… Want to try and start cold and dark with the floats version on any ramp at TJVQ and see if you get a buried aircraft and instant crash? I want to see if anyone can reproduce this nonsense.

Sure thing, once my shift at work is finished & I am home I will so some further testing and report back :+1:

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Auto started on Runway ready for takeoff. Both Jet and Prop.

When auto started and ready for takeoff selected from pre-flight menu I start atop the runway and I’m able to roll and takeoff… albeit too fast and extremely squirrelly.

However every time I land the gear goes beneath the deck and it becomes a belly landing. Every time.

Really like this Aircraft. Just needs some fixing. So much fun to fly in with such a fantastic view from the cozy pit!

OK… That explains it. Many people start on runway. I never do, as I prefer to do complete startup procedures/taxi, etc.

But yes, I haven’t been able to land this thing smoothly out of a couple of flights I have done. It would help to have Vr/Vapp numbers to go from.

Like I said, this thing is FAR from done. It has a lot of potential, but needs a ton of work.


I got this behavior at a few airports even in the non-float version. Just showed up buried under the apron. I have to immediately hit Y to slew to prevent it from crashing. It doesn’t always happen, but often enough to be a problem.