Attempting to fly around the world

Anyone else flying around the world?

I started in Long Beach, California KLGB, and attempting to fly across Alaska, to Russia, across Russia and Europe through Iceland, Greenland, through Canada and back across USA back to KLGB.

The aircraft I choose is the new MB339 Jet.
I am flying real time no warping, real weather, actually getting fuel at airports, no auto pilot, only using VFR map.

I am flying completely in VR with Valve Index VR, no desktop mode flying. I will do daily flights in range of the aircraft, and the time I can dedicate to flight.

I am currently in Alaska, heading to Anchorage from Ketchikan. I shut down the aircraft at each stopping point to refuel or end day, so my log book is keeping track.

So far so good, no issues and Sim is working well, good frame rates, no CTDs.

This Sim is Super cool, and will be fun to see how this works out.


I am on my around-the-world journey as well. Right now I’m rounding Cape Horn on my way up the coast of Chile.
I started out vowing to use real world time and weather. But I found that flying for hours in zero visibility, or at night due to the time zone variance, is not only illegal and dangerous for a VFR pilot, it also makes it impossible to enjoy the scenery. So I fly real-world time and weather “when at all possible.” It’s still a great journey.


What are you flying it in? I have done it in the CJ4 and TBM in this sim and did it in the cessna 172 in FSX. Great fun!

I had started a trip in the DA62, though, as the Longitude has improved significantly since I started my trip I may end up continuing the same route but with the Longitude. I’ve only gotten about a quarter way through thus far because I’ve been more interested lately in flying around the MB339 and Typhoon (and soon the F15!). Maybe I’ll start a series in a fighter :o

I’ve been flying across the globe using Amelia Earhart’s flight plan. Thus far I’ve completed leg #21 (Rangoon to Bangkok.). The aircraft that I am using is the Beechcraft Baron.

Flight Route Map (


This might not count, but I have been flying to all the capitals of the US in alphabetical order. The aircraft I use depends on the flight distance. Yes, all in real time which means it can get a tad bit boring at times. Right now I am flying from St. Louis to Juneau. Oh… if the capital doesn’t have an airport that can handle a heavy, then I have substituted the capital for the closest airport capable of handling a heavy.

Beechc23, I really like that idea! It is something that I would love to try myself in VR.
Thank you for the link to the flight.
I will probably have a go at this in the Cessna 172 as I’m starting to feel quite comfortable flying it and it would give me a nice goal to work towards.

i’ve flown once around the globe with b787 and at the moment i’m doing my second “world tour” with queen of the sky.
real time, weather and live traffic on

I use the Baron because its cruse speed is similar to that of the Lockheed 10a. All flight time that I have recorded thus far has been in real time. Some legs get very long…bring a music device :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for that, the longer range would make sense.
If it is not too much trouble and if you have the time, would you kindly list the airports/airfields that she landed at please as I don’t seem to be able to find that info online?

I use Google to locate airfields in the area she landed. Than attempt to find the ones that were active during that time. Probably not always correct, but at least close.

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I’ve been meaning to do it. I love the Citation Mustang in P3d V4.5 and flew it around the world. Now that I’m getting on top of the modified CJ4, that’s looking like the best aircraft to do the journey. I’m also a big fan of the Baron in this sim, so that would be another option (particularly for getting in and out of smaller airfields.

I’m alternating between the TBM and the Bonanza depending on the distance. I like to keep the flights shorter than 90” if possible. I’m in VR exclusively.

Hej @Vonzeigler ! Great plan. I would like to join. I love small planes and usually fly VFR but occasionally IFR (when I want to enjoy the landscape). I also fly VR, which is a one way ticket… There is no going back :wink:
I live in Stockholm and don’t know about the Timespan but it could be super fun to gather a group!
By the way, I did a trip around the world in Flightgear a couple of years ago. But FS and VR is another story…
I forgot to mention that I fly on Cessna 152 or 172 or the Diamond!

Excellent idea! Looking forward to start it! Thanks!!!

To make it harder when you need to find another airport, you should look for the next in alphabetical order :wink:

In FSX I flew around the world in a Cessna Citation X I believe it is the fastest commercial jet.

I’m attempting to do it in the 208 Caravan and within the limitations of FSEconomy. I started in Florida
flying no more than 5000 feet agl using live weather as long as I could see the scenery. I just jumped from Alaska to Russia following whatever route I could find within FSE.

I think doing something like this is a great way to keep up interest and avoid boredom.

Super cool, ya would be fun to have other join along the way, might be hard to try to time the entire thing together. Had a couple of friends join me yesterday in one of my first few legs in Russia.

Awesome, and good luck. I’m going to do something similar someday if I get the time. Keep in mind that fuel burn rates are not always that accurate, so plan for alternates when you can and measure flight times and distances against fuel use (kind of like the real world). Again, good luck and enjoy!

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