Audible throttle detent 'click'

There are a lot of aircraft that have throttle detents for takeoff, climb, cruise, etc. IRL I believe these usually have a physical bump that the throttle lever falls into, obviously this cannot be replicated for the sim.

I think it would be nice to have an audible click sound of some kind that lets us know a detent has been reached. This would make it much easier to manually control the throttle with peripherals without having to look in the cockpit to see the location of the throttles in game. Obviously any kind of sound or other notifier would work, I just think a click would be the simplest and least annoying, and this seems like a fairly easy feature to implement that would be a great help.

Better even if the “Click” also has a SimmConnect event, then you could put a little haptic buzzer on the Throttle Quadrant and “Feel” the click.