Audio only vatsim

Hi guys, I just wanted to know if I could use vatsim without vatspy

Yes, you’re not required to use VAT-Spy. Other alternatives exists such as VATprism and SimAware. You’re not required to use any if you don’t want to.

As mentioned, there are no requirements for anything on VATSIM aside from vPilot.

That said, you will want someway to know when you approaching an airspace, with a controller online so you can check in. Otherwise they will be pinging you.

Sorry for getting in late here. By your title, I suspect you’re referring to something else. Are you referring to using VATSIM without being visible, i.e. having the “audio only” but not interacting on the actual network?

Yes, do you know about any service like that?

What’s the goal of that if I may ask? There are ATC chatter programs out there