Audio Stutters on Pimax Crystal

I have no idea if this is specific to VR, or the Pimax Crystal, but I have and occasional audio drop. I don’t think I had this happen on the G2.

It reminds me of what used to happen to audio on the Quest 2/Pro through the link cable. Usually Virtual Desktop was fine.

I have frame rates running 35-40 currently and I don’t detect any video stutter issues along with the audio drop out. The video looks smooth but I think I find the audio stutters worse than video stutters. Video is at least expected on rare occasion.

I think the audio drops sometimes happen when triggering certain actions, like a keyboard binding, or a toggle on my stick. But not always.

Anyone else experiencing this in VR?

Win 11, DX12, DLSS Quality, full native render resolution, PimaxXR
Ryzen 7950X3D, RTX 4090, 64 GB Ram, Gigabyte X670e Aorus, Fiberoptic Pimax cable, Pimax USB hub

No audio drops at my end.

Do you have any major system differences from me?

I think I’m on the standard audio option in the Pimax software. I could try low latency.

7800x3d, 4090, Windows 11, October Crystal F/W (I refused to install F/W update, as the headset works well and I don’t want spoiling it). Normal Pimax audio mode. In sim I don’t perceive any latency, it’s probably perceived by the people playing fast paced shooting games.

Do you also have the X670 chipset too?

I’ll have to try some BT headphones and see if it happens there.

It’s driving me a little crazy since everything else is so smooth and consistent.

I updated the firmware when first powering on. Then I saw everyone likes to hold back on Pimax updates.

I also use a MacBook pro at work and it does the same thing, just with basic music. Supposedly Macs aren’t supposed to have problems, lol.

B650 chipset (Asus TUF GAMING B650-PLUS WIFI)

Old thread, but I have the same audio issues. My system is almost identical to yours with a 7950X3D, RTX 4090 on an Asus Strix X670E-E motherboard. Pimax tells me they’re working on it, and I do think it’s improved over the last several months, but it still happens occasionally. It’s on MSFS, DCS and just windows.

Have you tried to utilize the low-latency mode?

Yes. It doesn’t fix this particular issue.

Roger that.