[August 24, 2023] Expert Series I: ATR 42-600 / 72-600 Update 1.0.31

Is it me, does the live weather map works? Mine doesn´t (xbox)

Is there any confirmation we will be getting a ATR 72-600F Freighter variant other than what was stated before release?


Did you get any intel?

I have just noticed this too, it’s quite annoying, I don’t know if it’s true to life though. It’s almost like there is a blind across the window that looks like it should slide back.

Not true to RL.

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Just wondering if anyone has also this issue :
when the TOGGLE FEATHER SWITCH 1 or TOGGLE FEATHER SWITCH 2 are set, right-click mouse will move the condition levers to the FTR position while maintaining down. Once right-click released, any of the condition lever is returning to the FUEL S O position … ???
I’ve checked after clearing several right-click binding from the MOUSE device settings and only have current CAMERA / COCKPIT CAMERA / TOGGLE COCKPIT VIEW FREELOOK (HOLD) right-click bind, that the issue still occurs. Indeed if I remove this last binding the issue doesn’t occur, however I can’t move the view around inside the cockpit anymore, using the right-click.

:white_check_mark: Nevermind, just found the issue is coming from a community addon after removing all was there. Now the thing is to check which one is triggering this issue …

Anyone else suddenly finding this aircraft doesn’t work?

I don’t know what is going on but I spawned both a 42 and a 72 into PHNL at the gate. Turn on the battery and I hear all the sounds I’d expect but none of the systems actually power up. Nothing.

Huh well restarted MSFS And now its workign again.

I had a very similar issue in another aircraft. If you figure out what was causing it please post back.

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This happens to me every time I spawn cold and dark. I restart the flight and I get what I expect

Yeah I’ve had somethign like that happen occosionally but this was stuck everytime I restarted the flight same deal. Back to the menu and back in, same deal.

Was very weird. But quitting MSFS and restarting it did fix it.

Just added only these 5 plugins and now this is the Flaps Lever which capture the right mouse click
I will retry with removing plugins one by one, until things come back to normal …


:white_check_mark: Just found it was the “fsuipc-lvar-module” which was the root of this issue, no more lever captured after removing it from Community folder
Could be it is a bit outdated in my Community folder, so I will check if there’s not any up to date one …

So really just the single most important one.

That is what allows you to manipulate switches and knobs and stuff externally through things like AAO/Spad.next/FSUIPC etc.

Literally the one addon that I can’t do without.

:white_check_mark: Updated FSUIPC to latest current 7.3.23 this night and there’s now no more issue with right-click drag
Not to mention the importance to follow each single addon new release / fix / update … still have to check for other addons not already back into Community folder :wink:

The guy responsible for fuel system is not the best in the team! First the fuel tanks where switched, the estimated fuel remaining at FMS was always wrong and now this.

After flying many hours the ATR42, I’ve found some disheartening shortcomings. In general; lack of persistence, malfunction of systems, some essential devices and actions not simulated, and many etc. I understand that it is very difficult to implement a realistic plane, also will be inconvenient to being operatd by only one pilot. Are there a possibility of a “pro” version? payware of course. Somewhat like the Magestic Q400 by example.

I think this is why the expert series is a mixed blessing. It puts a fairly high fidelity aircraft into the hands of many users at a fantastic price. But for those who really value top tier accuracy, completeness, and features it is clearly not targeting that market.

The inevitable consequence is that no other developer is going to make a top tier rendition because the market is mostly already covered, and the users prepared to pay the extra are too few to make a viable business case.


Has somebody an idea of the real dimensions of the main screens ? Seems to be 10 inches around ?

To be fair, someone could always do the older ATR, the ATR42-320 would be a nice addition


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