AUGUST 27TH, 2020 Development Update

sometimes ATC is not giving options for taxing.

today I faced a weird problem. I requested for taxiing for parking. ground told me to go general aviation parking. Then I don’t have options to acknowledge the last transmission. They keep on asking for acknowledgment and finally terminated ATC services. I have only one option to repeat the last transmission.

That is subtle!

If you are using a free copy provided by MS, I could understand you still being bound by an Alpha or Beta NDA, but what about those Alpha and Beta testers that went out and bought their own retail version anyway? Are they still bound by the NDA? Just curious.

We can talk about the release version all we want. Just not the alphas/betas.

Ok, thanks. I guess they don’t want us to know how many issues that were identified early on made it into the release version anyway, through no fault of the Alpha and Beta testers.


Just to clarify alpha and beta testers, including those who voluntary left the program are bound by the following guidelines. We cannot discuss anything from pre-release builds, this includes pictures, videos, information, or comparisons between release and pre-release builds.


Any news about when the patch will be released?

Is it just me or does this thread sometimes sound like whack-a-mole? And if you agree, what’s the mole?

I agree… All I want is an update on when the Patch will be reased?

Based on the timeline from last weeks development update, it should be available in the next couple of days. Keep an eye out for more information from the #community:news-and-announcements subcategory, as well as the official website and Twitter (MSFS_Support) feeds.

We are in the final stages of prepping the upcoming patch for release next week. The team has been actively working on addressing issues impacting download and installation issues as a priority for this patch. We appreciate all the feedback from the community and we are hard at work updating the feedback snapshot and development roadmap, which we hope to release within the next few weeks!


Patch contains fixes to reduce crash and installation issues, along with other bug fixes and improvements.

The team would like to thank the community for all your feedback!

ONCE THE PATCH HAS BEEN RELEASED – To install the patch, simply close Microsoft Flight Simulator and and relaunch.

Hello there,
Would anybody help me finding where this simulator gets installed in the hard drive?
I did the default installation. I believe it is supposed to be under : user / APPDATA\ LOCAL \ PACKAGES \ Microsoft …, but this link doesn’t show up under user !!!

Appdata is a hidden directory. Try typing %appdata% into the Windows Explorer address bar. You will need to go up a directory level, and you should then see ‘local’ as a folder option.

Thank you. Found it.
Many years with FS and never seen such a strange path for installation.

I had problems with content manager and in game store so I uninstalled via Steam only to find out that it uninstalls around 600mb leaving behind over 100GB in files. Deleted the folder in %appdata%/roaming/Microsoft Flight Simulator and then installed via Steam again. Now when I launch the game it gets stuck on the TBM loading screen, and Im pretty sure it should be asking for a download folder instead of trying to load into game, I get no “searching for updates” or anything.

Has this happened to anyone else or knows about a fix?, I have tried deleting the folder several times, and every time it gets recreated with empty folders and a 8GB rolling cache file.

One simple trick (hope is compatible with all versions) is save flight inside actual flight, with dialog where to save flight you can see path, this can be simplest way to see that.

Just release the update already…

In the post from 27. they said they will release in the next 7 days, thats tomorrow. The next Dev-Update is also coming tomorrow… so I would say the patch comes tomorrow.

Can we have [news] posted in the [news] forum in the future please? Thanks.

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Thanks for that. Do you know if the marketplace updates will be released soon? It’s been over a week since the London update was available on the Orbx site, but still nothing for those of us buying through the marketplace.

I know a lot of us would, but they’re catering to the broader market that attracts non-simmers, and I’m sure they would all much prefer a wide variety of airplanes as they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between how well modeled they are anyway.