AUGUST 27TH, 2020 Development Update

Hey, so how this works is that in order for the complaining to stop, they have to actually acknowledge the issues. Like the fact that a core gameplay feature (wind and weather simulation) isn’t working for most of the planet.


Oh i agree 100% It would make many people at least confident it is on their radar and important. That’s why I think its making people lose trust in them, especially considering all the hype revolving around the live weather feature.


I’ve edited my original post. It’s in an american format so the next update is actually the 3rd of September which is a week away. Sorry!


Where’s the meme makers? Get them to start making some 225/03kts memes maybe that will get their attention :unamused:


I guess this will still be there for a looooong time

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I will not start to mention the complex nature of the software not to hear from several devs and software engineers again here how the Business is working.
But we should consider that this software is the first of it’s kind in many ways. So first, comparing this with Fortnite or other stuff in the gaming industry is simply not right as you can’t simply compare local with cloud based software. Second: Blaming Asobo or MS alone for things is a little bit short sighted IMHO. There are several companies delivering data for the sim. And third. As several things locally offloaded there will be also several Patches offloaded under the hood and not on our pc’s. So we should stop the flaming and let the girls and guys do the work. I am sure we will get infos fast enough.


Sounds like a game that will be releasing a pre-alpha build in the coming weeks/months. Not one that is in final


You are not able to complete an IFR flight if that flight requires you to change where you are going while you are in the air, no.


You could fix it yourself with the SDK or ask the dev community for a fix. These are some of the easier fixes to try and learn yourself though. It could be useful for later issues you find.

Nothing on the rudder which is totally unusable with a xbox controller. :expressionless:


Sure, I will get paid for that? Otherwise I need to work 160hours/month in my normal job

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FS 2020 is quite the leap. Bugs will be worked out. I will be patient.


Honestly I was expecting everyone to complain about the hurricane not having any wind, but nobody seemed to care about the details and were almost entirely distracted by the shiny visuals. Even the mainstream media covered the hurricane in the sim and didn’t say a peep about wind.

Apparently all you need to get a 10 from IGN is a fancy cloud renderer and google earth.


Erh, it’s for your own pleasure I guess to have that issue fixed? If you dont fly there why bother with it and just ignore it. You seemed to be troubled that issue wouldn’t be fixed for a while (and it probably takes a long time) I know i’m not fixing it for you though… Happy flying…

Where did you get the idea that there would be anymore planes? My guess is there will be some helicopters maybe by Holiday 2020, and then some gliders by Summer 2021 when they add those features to the game.

There will be lots of planes to download and purchase within the next few months from 3rd party devs, however!

I had my window open for realism. It looked nice though.

The game was marketed as a 10 year project.

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Maybe he could have, but in many countries, including mine, the game pass is not available. I had to go with the standard edition.

To be fair, being an alpha tester, I knew what I was getting into, and I didn’t expect everything to be fixed in the first patch. But somehow they still managed to disappoint me. Especially with the lack of acknowledgment about most of the issues reported by users.

At this point, I think it’s useless to try to get them to be more transparent about the known issues. For some reason they clearly either can’t or don’t want be more transparent. Or both.

In any case, I bought the Standard Edition mostly to continue testing it and reporting bugs. I knew I won’t be able to enjoy it in its current state. And for that purpose, the simulator, in it’s current state, is acceptable. So, enjoy my time and money donation Microsoft.

Oh, but you forgot to link to the video, previously posted on this forum, which might be very close to what happened during MSFS release:

Oh, and it’s funny, but also sad, that the first two links when I searched for “rushed release” on Google were videos about MSFS.


someone needs to post the version of that video that ended up on discord. It was AMAZING

And still people don’t get the difference between a media update (the ones on the website) and a software update.

“Next update” is meant for the media update. Not the software update.