AUGUST 27TH, 2020 Development Update

Wrong the installer is good they are trying help the ones with a slow ■■■ computer and or slow ■■■ internet, runs fine for me and it only took about 46 minutes to download and install.

Err there are people who have a good computer and fast internet who can’t even download the game as well

:rofl: i remember people complaining about a racing sim about 20 years ago. Same argument. Same reaction. Save your time. You wont get anywhere

I’m truly happy for you, but the idea that it worked for you, so it should work for everyone else seems a bit short-sighted. There have been plenty of people with good internet connections and good systems who have been unable to complete the installation. This patch in part is to help those users.


I thought I read somewhere that their release cadence for actual patches was going to be once a month. Whereas blog posts seem to be weekly.


Honest question.

When did the clock started ticking?
6 Years ago when the project started or 8 days ago when the game launched?


Talk about an underwhelming patch/update… I’m honestly getting less and less excited for this sim unfortunately.


A lot of really ignorant posts in this thread. It’s a shame, to be honest, that people (other than those having installation issues) are complaining about whatever issue they care about not being addressed in the VERY FIRST PATCH. If your sim works, and you can fly in it, be grateful. And enjoy it. We have a team standing behind this product, and believe me, they hear you. The simulation community needs to be a bit more respectful.

Are you a troll? I will assume you are

I’m at work - no access to the sim from here - so honest question: has the patch been released already? Is that why everybody is complaining, because it was released and didn’t fix the simconnect issue, and the other patches are non-essential or useless?

Or is everybody complaining before getting the patch downloaded and installed?

Should not preorder or buy it day one. A sensible thing would be to wait a day or two to see what the bug situation is. If you jump into a new flight sim day 1 and get the most expensive package, you MUST expect tons of bugs, unless it is your first sim and you come from gaming community.

They started approx may 2016 , to learn only the engine, “

Yes 10 years project from release date.

With all due respect, that is not true. Try, Canada, US, Mexico, Australia, Across the Atlantic, Pacific. Weather is also a big thing, we should be breaking it down to Surface Winds, Winds Aloft, Clouds, Visibility etc… so we can be more precise on the issues.

But it was a given that this first patch would be around installation issues. I think they just need to say yes we know this issue more than fix it right away… that is the real issue.


Part of Western Europe where the weather works is not “most places”, sorry. There is a whole other world where it’s 225/03 all the time.

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Really nothing about weather and stutterings of screens?

I’m surprised it will be out in 7 days. Roughly two weeks from release for what could definitely be considered an open beta.

I figured install and widespread stability issues would be the first on the list.

Second would have been SimConnect as its needed for VATSIM and MS/Asobo specifically highlighted VATSIM as a release day feature.

I noticed that nameplates took out some FPS. But I don’t care much to display them anyhow. I wish there was a hotkey to turn them on and off rather than going back through the configuration menu.

I’ll be looking forward to the next development update and patch.

Until they work out all the application bugs like install, stability, content management, API, and SDK issues. I don’t see much as fixing simulation related bugs.

Honestly I think 2021 will be the year Microsoft Flight Simulator really shines.

But even for me for what I fly. VFR piston, IFR turbo props, and now business jets. Its enough that I’m willing to work around the bugs. Its easier to work around the bugs when you are not a study level tubeliner simmer. I still have X-Plane with the C172 REP installed and would like something similar for MSFS. But X-Plane is now mostly there for comparison sake now that true VFR by pioltage is possible in MSFS.

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not just for saitek panels. For Piloteedge, Vatsim, Lorby’s, anything really that connects to the sim data through sim connect.

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Let me ask you a question. If you bought a car and they said hey we have the new Garmin GPS in the car. And then when you got it you realized you could only input the route before you started the car. You can’t change your route mid drive. You might get guided to the nearest gas station or ya might just have to Yolo it when ya get close. Would you not have a issue with that. Thats just one example.
So calling peoples irritation ignorant is pretty sanctimonious. I am super happy thier first fix is to get it running. I did not expect all the bugs and short cumings to be fixed in the first couple days. At the same time I am disappointed that yet another game company has come to market with a half baked project selling it as what it isnt.


Good to see some progression with fixing issues of FS2020.
Dealayed, but stable update is better than… crash update :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes feature/s which are for us just click move gauge
for devs / testers is a big journey and a lot of (deep corelations between objects / devices etc.)

And also if team is small they need more time for fixing etc.