AUGUST 27TH, 2020 Development Update

that’s a bug, no update yet

A bug on the bug fix for installs… . precious! Thanks for the info!

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I think MS shot themselves in the foot with the release of so many aircraft. I would have preferred a good solid, fully working 4-6 aircraft on release.

But looking forward to the patch, mostly for SimConnect.

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Shocked nothing people are calling for is in the first patch. Microsoft you should be ashamed. Biggest tech company on earth and have installer issues? Just wow.

Every plane has visual bugs. Every plane has 900 things wrong with it.


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They needed to prioritize installation fixes before anything else. So even though I, and many others can play just fine, this patch is well needed. Many people can’t even access the game at all!! Our issues can wait a little awhile. Good news is that after this patch the developers can hopefully focus on everything else that needs improvement. We are still very very early into the after-release development of this simulator guys!

Be grateful they fixed SimConnect issues as well, that could have been pushed to a later date.


Same here, so do I need to install it anyway?

I have the same issues your experiencing won’t get past the Tbm screen.

Broke game, can’t use it but everyone paid 120 dollars for it…

Any suggestions mate?

The update also appears for me and since then I’ve missed a few planes in the game. Very annoying, please fix it.

Very early into development? What?

This has been in the making for many YEARS.

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Development after release is what I was referring to.

All I know that is it was another 89 gig download that I can not see had any effect in the sim in my part other than spend 8 hours downloading .

Other than wasting my time I am worried my unlimited internet plan will be slowed for unreasonable usage.

im running on 18 hours trying to get it download.

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insinuating that most of the people here are children is speculative and rather insulting.

XP Forums also has their issues with a few people and even have removed some people for rather intuitive posts that just because the staff didnt agree with them, they just nuked the post and warned the poster not to post it again, but it broke no rules.

yeah, very “Mature” of them. and they are sitting behind a screen also, so taking a stab at that is rather asinine.

yes these forums need work, yes, there are many issues going on, but sadly that is the internet for you.


That’s a gross mischaracterisation of the issue though. The entire live weather wind implementation for most of the globe is broken. It’s not just a matter of hurricanes giving incorrect winds.

Discussed at length in another thread. [quote=“bigwheels123, post:413, topic:224477, full:true”]
That’s a gross mischaracterisation of the issue though. The entire live weather wind implementation for most of the globe is broken. It’s not just a matter of hurricanes giving incorrect winds.

Discussed here Why has the broken 225/03 wind not even been acknowledged as an issue? [Extremely Concerning] devs aware of the issue.

Oh come on that’s a carefully worded statement by MS spin Doctors and could mean anything other than what they are implying .

I am sure they have been in this development for years but it’s a matter of when it ramped up and I suspect they are referring to the AI and scenery tech from a remote server as opposed to the flight sim coding .

No matter what they would have done. THey could just not satisfy the majority.

How long have people been complaining why MS did not release MSFS. Then they release it as a Beta, and people still complain.

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They should have just taken their time to do a real beta test and released it in October instead of releasing it and making their customers do the beta testing, if not actually alpha testing. For shame Microsoft.

They actually didn’t list it as a Beta release, nor give a beta discount, but was classified as a final release, which it obviously isn’t.

If they wanted to release it as a beta, or as an early access title, they should have advertised it as such. Instead, they released it as a final release version.

The problem with that is that by the very nature of being a final release version, it implies that all major/core systems have already been implemented. And yet that has to be so far from the truth right now, because if it were true, it would make an absolute mockery of the product as a flight simulator.