AUGUST 27TH, 2020 Development Update

that sounds like an awesome idea my friend I will probably do the same in a minute heh… nothing we can do, just wait till next week hopefully lots of things can be fixed then

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Yes, those people are called Moderators. :alien:


It literally says at the bottom of the page that the next update will be on the 3rd of September which is one week from now…

  1. My bad, thought AS was Asobo.

  2. Looking at someone’s freely available posting history on a public board is hardly creepy. Relentless criticism and implications of fraudulence slightly more so.

  • The title will no longer crash when different input devices/peripherals are disconnected
  • Significant FPS drop when using Simconnect should no longer affect the experience
  • The performance of the title has been improved when the Display name plate option is set to active

These are huge for me! Can’t wait!


I am wondering what your guidelines are brother lol I have seen really ‘border’ people in this forum but you can still read everything. It feels cool though

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I have finally finished downloading mine and now you they what me to download an update that is almost as big as the download this is not warzone

Pretty disappointing especially concerning the live weather issues. I understand getting people to successfully download and install the game should take top priority however that should not even be as big of an issue that it is after Alpha and Beta testing. They advertised Live, Real World Realistic Weather as one of the main selling points. They obviously have failed to deliver on that in a major way. Add on top of that the severe avionics issues most planes are having, unrealistic aircraft performance data, and the countless of other less minor, but still noticeable bugs affecting game play this release is nearly on par with some of the recent failed game launched in recent memory. Fallout 76 comes to mind as something somewhat comparable. Microsoft and team have a lot of work ahead of them and I’m sure they will ultimately succeed, just hopefully fixes come sooner rather than later. Im afraid they have lost quite a bit of trust and some customers for now of simmers who would have been considering switching over from X-Plane.


I hope it’s a nice and easy day for moderation. Most posts seem to be fine no?

Was hoping to atleast be able to twist that altitude knob in the baron g58 after this patch

Finaly from last week or? I hope it didn’t took you that long. :sweat_smile:

They’d better Halt all XBox development until the worst kinks are ironed out.

Unless they really want to hear the wrath of a couple hundred Thousand spoiled XBox players pointing out every little flaw, far less politely than this community has been.


Sadly I think you are right. That’s just the way that game development seems to be these days. Xbox delivery has a revenue milestone so you can’t push that out on the forecast for the sake of, you know, delivering the actual product that people paid for to customers.

Glad I was a bit suspicious and only paid the $1 for the gamepass to ‘demo’ MSFS. If I was happy with the product I’d be buying a license, but as it stands I think I’ll cancel the subscription and try again in a few months.

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Asobo, please acknowledge the fact that live weather is broken in much of the world, as are winds aloft. WE SIMPLY need to know that you hear us and will work on this.


We appreciate all the feedback from the community and we are hard at work updating the feedback snapshot and development roadmap, which we hope to release within the next few weeks!

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Have you tried X-plane 11? The standard G1000 included in the default 172 is excellent and available for other airplanes too. Makes the MSFS version look like a cartoon IMO. I don’t understand how anyone at MS or ASOBO could release it like that if they cared about impressing X-plane users.


How dare we find it unacceptable that we paid for a product that is not as advertised. Please tell me where this game was marketed as ‘early access’.


My guess is that most is done by another studio, which seems to be the most logical thing to do with the huge list of things that needs fixing, and VR in september also…

They just need to say that they know it’s an issue and that they’ll fix it, but they haven’t even acknowledged it ahem 225@3


Ya… the thing is that they shouldn’t have released a game that could not be installed by a sizable fraction of customers on day 1. If you start a race 500 m behind the start-line, you don’t get credit for the extra distance.