This isn’t a bad airport and in a way shows how good Asobo’s non-handcrafted airports are (or can be).

The only thing that struck me as a negative was that I thought that the lines on the ground, EG, taxi lines looked too low in resolution. Not horrific but it detracted from the experience for me.

The biggest thing I liked was that ATC uses real taxiway names when using this scenery and I liked the taxiway signs too. Interesting enough after installing this scenery, ATC gave me the first into-wind takeoff it even assigned at YPPF. Now if only it didn’t ask me to do left circuits when taking off from the right runway but that probably isn’t something AUScene can fix, is it?

I’m happy that I bought it even if it wasn’t quite to the level of some airports I’ve bought from Orbx but then some of those airports set a very very high bar.

What is fantastic is that South Australia is getting any enhancements at all! Another studio is doing YPAD but we still need YADG thought :slight_smile:

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