Aussie Flight Group Team - Hiroshima to Osaka

This scenic adventure sees us taking off from Hiroshima airport (RJOA) for a scenic flight to Osaka airport (RJOO). During the flight we will take in views of Onomichi, Fukuyama, Kasaoka, Takamatsu, Miki, Kamiita, Tokushima, Kohnan, Okayama, Akaiwa, Ako, Aioi, Himeji, Inami, Kobe, Ashiya, Nishimomiya and Osaka. We will also be passing over the some handcrafted bridges, approaching Takamatsu and a Castle at Himeji. There are a number of airports that we will fly over and can perform touch and goes or full stop landings along the route.

Himeji Castle

Details to follow. All welcome, hope you can join us.

Regards, Paul


ATTENTION Aussie Flight Group Participants …

Group Flight: 2020-11-06T09:00:00Z


Route: RJOA (Hiroshima) – RJKS (Kasaoka) – Shimotsuisetoo Bridge, Hitsuishijima Bridge and Bisan-Seto Bridge – Takamatsu City – RJOT (Takamatsu) – Tokushima City – Tokushima City – RJOS (Tokushima) – RJBK (Kohnan) – RJOB (Okayama) – Himeji Castle – Kobe Tower – RJBE (Kobe) – RJOO (Osaka).

  • Take off from Hiroshima (RJOA)
  • Track 091 deg to Kasaoka (RJKS)
  • Track 103 deg to Shimotsuisetoo Bridge 16nm
  • Track 170 deg to cross Shimotsuisetoo, Hitsuishijima and Bisan-Seto Bridges 5nm
  • Track 105 deg to Takamatsu City 10nm
  • Track 194 deg to Takamatsu (RJOT) 7nm
  • Touch and Go at Takamatsu (RJOT)
  • Track 114 deg to Tokushima City 27nm
  • Track 054 deg to Tokushima (RJOS) 5nm
  • Full Stop landing at Tokushima (RJOS)
  • Take off from Tokushima (RJOS)
  • Track 315 deg to Kohnan (RJBK) 48nm
  • Track 344 deg to Okayama (RJOB) 11nm
  • Touch and Go at Okayama (RJOB)
  • Track 088 deg to Himeji Castle 42nm
  • Track 117 deg to Kobe Tower 26nm
  • Track 157 deg to Kobe (RJBE) 4nm
  • Track 055 deg to Osaka (RJOO) 14nm
  • Full Stop landing at Osaka (RJOO)

Altitude: The route can be flown at 3,500’ but you can vary the altitude to suite the terrain.

Airport details:

Hiroshima (RJOA)
Elev: 1,069’
RW 10/28

Kasaoka (RJKS)
Elev: 0’
RW 03/21

Takamatsu (RJOT)
Elev: 590’
RW 08/26

Tokushima (RJOS)
Elev: 27’
RW 11/29

Kohnan (RJBK)
Elev: 1’
RW 09/27

Okayama (RJOB)
Elev: 809’
RW 07/25

Kobe (RJBE)
Elev: 28’
RW 09/27

Osaka (RJOO)
Elev: 40’
RW 14R/32L
RW 14L/32R

Aircraft: Select any fast single or twin GA aircraft for the event.
IMPORTANT: In the interest of keeping it REAL, please refrain from selecting inappropriate aircraft, like airliners. This only detracts from the immersion of the flight.

Seeing Aircraft Correctly: You need to do two things to ensure you can see the other pilots in the event and see them in the aircraft they selected.

Select the same server: To do this, proceed as follows:

  • From the Welcome Screen, click on your Username (top right)
  • From the list of servers, under Servers, select WEST USA

Turn off Generic Planes: To do this, proceed as follows:

  • From the Welcome Screen, click on OPTIONS
  • Click on GENERAL
  • With GRAPHICS selected, scroll down to the last option and set USE GENERIC PLANE MODELS to OFF

Voice Room: Discord for Official MSFS Community: Event #1 or Event #2 are the voice rooms available to us. I need to see which is available on the day and reserve it. I will be in the room and get it authorised for our use. Just look for my Userid: VHFIB to determine which room to enter. Until the room is open only one person can be in the room.

Note: if you are new to the Discord Server for MS FS, you will need to β€œreact” to get access to the voice rooms.

To β€œreact”, once in the Discord for Official MS FS, click on the Important - Info option and at the very bottom, click on the button (last item at the bottom of the screen) to react and provide access. Note: clicking on the button accepts the conditions etc., which you can read via the available links.

Weather/Time: We will set the time 12hrs prior, i.e., 8am. This will allow us to fly in daylight and choose CLEAR Weather, so can enjoy the scenery:

  1. From the World Map view, click on Flight Conditions (upper right of screen)
  2. Click on All Players, Live Traffic, Custom
  3. Under Weather and Time, select Clear Weather and move the time slide bar to show 8:00am or say 7:45am if you arrive at 7:45pm (12hrs prior to current time).
  4. Click Close and Fly from the World Map view.

We can start departing from 8pm. There will be no need for official radio calls. Lets just have some fun taking in the scenery and the social aspects of the event.

Multiplayer Map: Currently, the VFR map won’t show Live players, so if you get lost, it’s difficult to find where the other flyers are. The free multiplayer map, will show the other players (that are using the map) and allow you to see their heading, speed, altitude and callsign. But it will only show those using the map. The below map tool is excellent but only as good as the volume of people using it.

Not mandatory but if you would like to use this map, see the below for details:

Link to moving map: 12 13 23 17 22 32

Once viewing the map, click on Join to download the client that connects MSFS for tracking your flights. Note the .NET Core Windows Runtime requirement that needs installing also.

Let me know if there’s anything else that I’ve missed that you need to know.

Regards, Paul

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Flight Plan to support the event …

Some teaser shots …

![Screenshot (1056)|690x388]

![Screenshot (1060)|690x388]

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Just a reminder for this event.

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See you tonight.

Looks like a great flight.

Which server?