Aussie Group Flights Team: Celebrating Women Aviators

For Northern Hemisphere pilots: 2024-03-07T20:00:00Z

For Southern Hemisphere pilots: 2024-03-08T09:00:00Z

Group flights, Aussie style. Aussie Group Flights Team is the ultimate way to explore the world with your favourite people.

This event is being run in two timeslots to provide a convenient option to pilots in Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Today, International Womens Day (8th March) we celebrate Women in Aviation. In particular, we remember the brave flights conducted by Tracey Curtis-Taylor in her Stearman.

In particular, we will use a portion of her flight from the below detailed flight.

US Transcontinental Flight, 2016-17
In spring 2016, Curtis-Taylor started a US Transcontinental Flight, with multiple stops along the historic US Airmail Routes, flying from Seattle to Los Angeles and the Transcontinental route from LA to NY. The trip was cut short by a crash in the desert, at Winslow, Arizona, due to a loss of engine power. The NTSB investigation reported that “a gray / tan liquid was drained from the carburetor”.[26] She and her co-pilot were uninjured but the Boeing Stearman was badly damaged.

For more on Tracy see: Tracey Curtis-Taylor - Wikipedia

The portion of the flight we will perform is Winslow to Phoenix. This is the leg that the crash occurred so the plan we follow wasn’t necessarily the route Tracey planned to follow. However the departure and destination was as Tracey intended.

Details to follow. Hope you can join us.


Regards, Paul


Suggested aircraft for the event …

Boeing Stearman: simMarket: GAS BOEING STEARMAN PACKAGE MSFS 2020

Tiger Moth: simMarket: TIGER MOTH MSFS

Both the above addons are reasonably priced however, if you prefer to stick with the default aircraft, something slow would be preferable to maintain the pace of the period aircraft.

I like this, but two items.

12:00pm what time zone? (EDIT: Seems it may be auto-adjusted for the readers local timezone)

Any particular server?

Also also:

There are no standards established for the meaning of 12am and 12pm. It is often said that 12am Monday is midnight on Monday morning and 12pm is midday. This puts all the times beginning with 12 and ending with am in the same one-hour block, similarly with those ending with pm.

The above makes 24 hr time especially valuable when referring to 12 o’clock.

EDIT: Looking at my time zone app and the info that it is March 8th, 7am in Sydney, it appears that “12pm” is - March 7th, 12 noon (Pacific Time, US)

Thanks for your interest in the event. I’ve used the Event Calendar to specify the times so you see them in your local timezone. To accommodate pilots in both northern and southern hemispheres, I’m running the event in two timeslots. In Zulu time the slots are 2000z Thurs. and 0900 Friday.

I hope this helps.

Regards, Paul

Any particular server, or do we just use the best one? (New to this aspect of msfs, and I’ve seen some specify the server to use before)

All details will be contained in the forum post. I will post it during the week. We typically use South East Asia.

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ATTENTION Aussie Flight Group Participants …


Route: Winslow-lindbergh Rgnl(KINW) Lechee(KLEH) Payson(KPAN) Pine(KPIN) SkyRanch At Carefree(18AZ) Scottsdale(KSDL) Phoenix Sky Harbor Inlt(KPHX).

Take off from Winslow-lindbergh Rgnl(KINW)
Track 206 deg to Lechee(KLEH) 25nm
Track 202 deg to Payson(KPAN) 30nm
Full Stop Landing at  Payson(KPAN) +++ 10min Break +++
Take off from  Payson(KPAN)
Track 243 deg to Pine(KPIN) 20nm
Track 193 deg to Sky Ranch at Carefree(18AZ) 22nm
Track 173 deg to Scottsdale(KSDL) 11.8nm
Track 194 deg to Phoenix Sky Harbor(KPHX) 12.4nm
Full Stop Landing at Phoenix Sky Harbor(KPHX)

Altitude: The route can be flown up to 8,500’ to be clear of terrain.

Airport details

Winslow-Lindbergh Rgnl(KINW)
Elev: 4,941’
RW 11/29 Asphalt
RW 04/22 Asphalt

Elev: 6,392’
RW 02/20 Dirt

Elev: 5,157’
RW 06/24 Bituminous

Elev: 2,307’
RW 06/24 Dirt

Sky Ranch At Carefree(18AZ)
Elev: 2,569’
RW 06/24 Bituminous

Elev: 1,510’
RW 03/21 Bituminous

Phoenix Sky Harbour Intl(KPHX)
Elev: 1,135’
RW 02/26 Asphalt
RW 07L/25R Asphalt
RW 07R/25L Asphalt

Aircraft: Stearman or Tiger Moth

IMPORTANT: In the interest of keeping it REAL, please refrain from selecting inappropriate aircraft, like airliners. Unless it is appropriate for the event. This only detracts from the immersion of the flight.

Seeing Aircraft Correctly: You need to do two things to ensure you can see the other pilots in the event and see them in the aircraft they selected.

Select the same server: To do this, proceed as follows:

From the Welcome Screen, click on your Username (top right)
From the list of servers, under Servers, select South East Asia.

Turn off Generic Planes: To do this, proceed as follows:

From the Welcome Screen, click on OPTIONS
Click on GENERAL
With TRAFFIC selected, scroll down to the last option and set USE GENERIC PLANE MODELS to OFF

Turning off Crash/Damage:

Select Options/Assistance
Expand Failure & Damage
Disable Crash Damage
Disable Aircraft Stress Damage
Disable Engine Stress Damage
Accept the changes

Voice Room: My personal Discord server is used for voice comms. If you haven’t already joined my server, click on the below link to request access. I will set you up as a Member so you can access the server. Ensure you do this prior to the flight, as latecomers will need to wait for the next event.

Link to join the Voice Room: Aussie Group Flights Team - On-line Flying

Note: this link is only valid for 7 days from posting.

Weather/Time: We will set the time to 8am. This will allow us to fly in daylight and choose REAL weather so that the winds are correct.

From the World Map view, click on Flight Conditions (upper right of screen)
Click on All Players, Live Traffic, Custom
Under Weather and Time, select Live Weather and move the time slide bar to show 8:00am. 
Click Close and Fly from the World Map view.

Turning on Points of Interest

Select Options/Assistance
Expand POI
Set Landmark Markers to ON
Set City Markers to ON
Set Airport Markers to ON
Accept the changes

Turning on Name Tags (This will assist you in following the group if you get disoriented):

Select Options/GeneralTraffic
Set Show Traffic Nameplates to On
Accept the settings

Still confused, check out the multiplayer video tutorial from SimHangar Flight Simulation: MSFS | MULTIPLAYER | How To Guide | Everything You Need To Know | Fly in events coming soon. - YouTube

Let me know if there’s anything else that I’ve missed that you need to know.,

Regards, Paul

Flight plans to support the event …

Little NavMap: VFR Winslow-Lindbergh Rgnl (KINW) to Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl (KPHX).lnmpln (2.3 KB)

MSFS: VFR Winslow-Lindbergh Rgnl (KINW) to Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl (KPHX).pln (2.9 KB)

Please refer to the Discord Server for the Flight Card for this event.

I’d like to offer a special thanks to the ladies that participated in the events. Your involvement in the event make is all the more special on this Celebration of International Women’s Day.

I’d like to extend an invitation to you and any other female virtual aviators to join in on future events. You’ll always have a special place in our group flights.

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