Aussie Group Flights Team - Germany/Denmark Experience

Join us as we take off from Finkenwerder in Hamburg and travel north into Denmark, checking out a number of airports and points of interest. Our destination is Hans Christian Anderson airport in Denmark.

Details to follow. Hope you can join us.

Regards, Paul


Hey Paul,
All being equal, I’d love to join the group!


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Everyone is welcome.

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ATTENTION Aussie Flight Group Participants …

Group Flight: 2021-07-30T10:00:00Z


Route: EDHI(Finkenwerder) - EDHL(Blankensee) - EDHK(Holtenau) - EDXR(Schachtholm) - EDXF(Schaferhaus) - EDXW(Westerland/Sylt) - UP1(Men at Sea) - UP2(Lego House) - EKBI(Billund) - EKVD(Vamdrup) - UP3(Egeskov Castle) - EKOD(Hans Christian Anderson Airport.

Take off from Finkenwerder, Hamburg(EDHI)
Track 061 deg to EDHL(Blankensee) 36nm
Touch and Go at EDHL(Blankensee)
Track 328 deg to EDHK(Holtenau) 40nm
Touch and Go at EDHK(Holtenau)
Track 242 deg to EDXR(Schachtholm) 21nm
Touch and Go at EDXR(Schachtholm)
Track 346 deg to EDXF(Schaferhaus) 34nm
Touch and Go at EDXF(Schaferhaus)
Track 282 deg to EDXW(Westerland/Sylt) 37nm
Full Stop Landing at EDXW(Westerland/Sylt)
Take off from EDXW(Westerland/Sylt)
Track 003 deg to UP1(Men at Sea) 35nm
Track 057 deg to UP2(Lego House) 28nm
Track 062 deg to EKBI(Billund) 1.8nm
Touch and Go at EKBI(Billund)
Track 160 deg to EKVD(Vamdrup) 19.2nm
Touch and Go at EKVD(Vamdrup)
Track 109 deg to UP3(Egeskov Castle) 42nm
Track 342 deg to EKOD(Hans Christian Anderson Airport) 18.6nm
Full Stop Landing at EKOD(Hans Christian Anderson Airport)

Altitude: The route can be flown up to 2,500’ to be clear of terrain.

Airport details:

Elev: 21’
RW 05/23 Cement

Elev: 55’
RW 07/25 Asphalt

Elev: 101’
RW 08/26 Asphalt

Elev: 23’
RW 03/21 Asphalt
RW 12/30 Grass

Elev: 130’
RW 11L/29R Grass
RW 11R/29L Bituminous

Elev: 51’
RW 14/32 Asphalt
RW 06/24 Asphalt

Elev: 247’
RW 09/27 Asphalt

Elev: 143’
RW 01/19 Asphalt
RW 07/25 Grass

Hans Christian Anderson(EKOD)
Elev: 56’
RW 06/24 Bituminous

Aircraft: Any GA aircraft to cover 312nm in a suitable time.

IMPORTANT: In the interest of keeping it REAL, please refrain from selecting inappropriate aircraft, like airliners. This only detracts from the immersion of the flight.

Seeing Aircraft Correctly: You need to do two things to ensure you can see the other pilots in the event and see them in the aircraft they selected.

Select the same server: To do this, proceed as follows:

From the Welcome Screen, click on your Username (top right)
From the list of servers, under Servers, select WEST USA

Turn off Generic Planes: To do this, proceed as follows:

From the Welcome Screen, click on OPTIONS
Click on GENERAL
With TRAFFIC selected, scroll down to the last option and set USE GENERIC PLANE MODELS to OFF

Turning off Crash/Damage:

Select Options/General/Flight Model
Select Legacy Model, so you can adjust the settings below
Move Crash Realism to 0
Select Modern Model, to reselect the appropriate flight model
Accept the settings


Select Options/Assistance
Expand Failure & Damage
Disable Crash Damage
Accept the changes

Voice Room: Discord for Official MSFS Community: Event #1 or Event #2 are the voice rooms available to us. I need to see which is available on the day and reserve it. I will be in the room and get it authorised for our use. Just look for my Userid: VHFIB to determine which room to enter. Until the room is open only one person can be in the room. In the past we have needed to use a PTT (push to talk) button. This is no longer required, so you can use voice activated comms. Some people prefer to use their phone or ipad etc for Discord comms.

Note: if you are new to the Discord Server for MSFS, you will need to “react” to get access to the voice rooms.

To “react”, once in the Discord for Official MSFS, click on the Important - Info option and at the very bottom, click on the button (last item at the bottom of the screen) to react and provide access. Note: clicking on the button accepts the conditions etc., which you can read via the available links.

Link to join the Voice Room:
Note: this link is only valid for 7 days from posting.

Weather/Time: We will set the time to 8am. This will allow us to fly in daylight and choose CLEAR Weather, so can enjoy the scenery, if the REAL weather is poor:

From the World Map view, click on Flight Conditions (upper right of screen)
Click on All Players, Live Traffic, Custom
Under Weather and Time, select Clear Weather and move the time slide bar to show 8:00am. 
Click Close and Fly from the World Map view.

We can start departing from 10:00z. There will be no need for official radio calls. Lets just have some fun taking in the scenery and the social aspects of the event.

Turning on Name Tags (This will assist you in following the group if you get disoriented):

Select Options/GeneralTraffic
Set Show Traffic Nameplates to On
Accept the settings

Still confused, check out the multiplayer video tutorial from SimHangar Flight Simulation: MSFS | MULTIPLAYER | How To Guide | Everything You Need To Know | Fly in events coming soon. - YouTube

Let me know if there’s anything else that I’ve missed that you need to know.,

Regards, Paul

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Just a heads up about the next update SU5, it will be available for download from 1am Sydney time on 28/7 (1500z 27/7). Good luck with the upgrade. Remember to clear your rolling cache before testing the upgrade. Also, as this upgrade is virtually a re-write of the sim to take up the optimization used in the Xbox version, remove your Community folder items and test each to satisfy yourself that they work OK. Developers may have to play catchup before everything works as required. See you on Friday.

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Flight plans for the event …

Little NavMap:
IFR Finkenwerder (EDHI) to Hans Christian Andersen Airport (EKOD).lnmpln (3.1 KB)

IFR Finkenwerder (EDHI) to Hans Christian Andersen Airport (EKOD).pln (4.0 KB)

Print this flight card out for your easy reference during the flight (Note: only available up to the date of the flight):

Event reminder …

ALERT: It has come to my attention the following with SU5:

Flight Plan:

  1. The G1000NXI doesn’t read the PLN file correctly.
  2. VFR Map doesn’t read the PLN file correctly.

My suggestion, is to download Little NavMap if you don’t already have it and follow the route manually, using Little NavMap until these issues get worked out.

Link for download:

Regards, Paul

Hi Paul. FYI . Using the TBM loaded up your flight plan in World Map (used More and then Load (plan). CHecked FMS and plan fully loaded. Checked VFR Map for the trip and every waypoint as per Plan is there. Currently flying the first leg and all looks good.

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Yes. It’s the G1000 from WT that is the issue. The TMB doesn’t use it.

Thanks for the feedback.

Hi Paul,

The NXi from Marketplace still doesn’t show custom waypoints. Tested it and went back to WP G1000 in the Community folder. At least they have version 0.4.0 which is support SU5. The NXi still needs to be cooked for a while but from the menu they showed, it looks promising.


So “custom waypoints” are what LNM creates?
I manually added all waypoints in G1000 nxi without an issue. Just an alternative to importing / loading from an external source.

Another issue I discovered, is that with the TBM, if you have WT g3000 in COMMUNITY folder the TBM doesn’t have avionics working on PDF and a blank MDF.
edit… I didn’t have the latest versions of WT! Fixed.

What I’ve found that waypoints created in LittleNavmap when import to MSFS, it will not shows at all. Only airport, NDB, DME will shows.

For WP G3000, make sure you have 0.7.4 which has fixed for SU5

Looks like SU5 breaks lots of thing. Many livery also break.

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When exploring the new European nordic-area scenery upgrades I highly recommend this airplane livery for getting more immersed.

It is the robust bushflight Cessna taildragger from the Norwegian coast guard.

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Hey Paul, I completed the Germany /Denmark group flight with you guys today as a first time beginner in Multiple Player mode and just want to say thankyou all for a great couple of hours. Still have a lot to learn but thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Have to study the Discord as was a bit lost on that. Now looking forward to my next adventure and new experience.

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Paul, many thanks again. You make my early Friday mornings. Great start to the day. Now for another update…

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