Aussie Group Flights Team: Scenic Plane - Nice France

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Join us for a Flight around Nice France after the recent Asobo City update.

Details to follow. Hope you can join us.

Regards, Paul

ATTENTION Aussie Flight Group Participants …


Route: Albenga(LIMG) Nice Cote D’Azur(LFMN) Mandelieu(LFMD) Fayence(LFMF) Le Cannet Army(LFMC) La Mole(LFTZ).

* Take off from Albenga(LIMG) 
* Track 134 deg to Alassio(WP1) 2.9nm
* Track 216 deg to Imperia(WP2) 9.4nm
* Track 247 deg to Sanremo(WP3) 11.8nm
* Track 245 deg to Bordighera(WP4) 5.5nm
* Track 273 deg to Ventimiglia(WP5) 2.5nm
* Track 257 deg to Menton(WP6) 4.4nm
* Track 231 deg to Monaco(WP7) 4.6nm
* Track 241 deg to Nice Cote D'Azur Airport(LFMN) 9.8nm
* Touch and Go at Nice Cote D'Azur Airport(LFMN)
* Track 032 deg to Magan(WP8) 2.3nm
* Track 059 deg to La Buffa(WP9) 1.1nm
* Track 118 deg to Pointe de Rauba-Capeu(WP10) 0.6nm
* Track 032 deg to Nice Riquier(WP11) 0.8nm
* Track 357 deg to Nice Pont Michel(WP12) 0.9nm
* Track 230 deg to Nice-Ville(WP13) 1.7nm
* Track 254 deg to Saint-Philippe(WP14) 0.7nm
* Track 297 deg to La Madeleine(WP15) 0.7nm
* Track 270 deg to Sainte-Antonine-Ginestiere(WP16) 0.7nm
* Track 278 deg to Saint-Isidore(WP17) 0.9nm
* Track 202 deg to Allianz Riviera(POI2) 0.4nm
* Track 212 deg to Cagnes-sur-Mer(WP18) 3.1nm
* Track 194 deg to Hippodrome de la Cote d'Azur(POI3) 0.9nm
* Track 192 deg to Antibes(WP19) 4.1nm
* Track 245 deg to Palais des Festivals(POI1) 4.9nm
* Track 262 deg to Mandelieu(LFMD) 2.8nm
* Full Stop Landing at Mandelieu(LFMD) +++ 10min Break +++
* Take Off from Mandelieu(LFMD)
* Track 286 deg to Fayence(LFMF) 11.6nm
* Touch and Go at Fayence(LFMF)
* Track 224 deg to La Motte(WP20) 9.9nm
* Track 223 deg to Les Arcs(WP21) 3.3nm
* Track 229 deg to Vidauban(WP22) 2.7nm
* Track 215 deg to Le Cannet Army(LFMC) 3.3nm
* Touch and Go at Le Cannet Army(LFMC)
* Track 136 deg to La Garde-Freinet(WP23) 5.4nm
* Track 138 deg to Grimaud(WP24) 3.6nm
* Track 160 deg to Cogolin(WP25) 1.4nm
* Track 216 deg to La Mole(LFTZ) 3.4nm
* Full Stop Landing at La Mole(LFTZ)

Airport details:

Elev: 149’
RW 09/27 Asphalt 4,681’

Nice Cote D’Azur(LFMN)
Elev: 12’
RW 04L/22R Asphalt 8,431’
RW 04R/22L Cement 9,709’

Elev: 14’
RW 17/35 Asphalt 5,048’
RW 17L/35R Grass 1,802’
RW 04/22 Bituminous 2,487’

Elev: 738’
RW 14/32 Grass 2,108’
RW 10L/28R Bituminous 842’
RW 10C/28C Bituminous 1,168’
RW 10R/28L Grass 2,715’

Le Cannet Army(LFMC)
Elev: 265’
RW 13/31 Asphalt 4,593’
09/27 Asphalt 2,634’

La Mole(LFTZ)
Elev: 63’
RW 06/24 Asphalt 3,754’

Event details:

Altitude: The route can be flown up to 4,500’ to be clear of terrain.
Aircraft: Beaver.
Suggested Min Speed: 120knots
Server: South East Asia
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Depart Time: 20:00z
Sim Time: 08:00am
Multiplayer: All Players
Weather: Live Weather
Flight Duration: 1hr 30mins approx.
Flight Distance: 122nm

Flight Plans to support the event …

Little NavMap: VFR Albenga (LIMG) to La Mole (LFTZ).lnmpln (6.3 KB)

MSFS: VFR Albenga (LIMG) to La Mole (LFTZ).pln (10.3 KB)

Flight Card: Click Here

Suggested scenery for the event …


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