Australian vor & ils freuqencies missing

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In the Worrld Map (Navaid Filter applied) There are a lot of airports for Australia missing the ILS frequencies. There are also a good number of VOR frequencies missing.

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More infos pls,

airports ICAO, def nav data or Navigraph.

I have noticed missing data for some time but not recorded it. It will take some time to gather data. However in my local area Biboohra VOR 112.3 is missing. ILS for Cairns Airport YBCS gives frequency for rwy 15 yet in msfs it aligns to rwy 33. I have issues with YBBN with approach from the east ILS isd actually aligned for approach from the west and similar issues with YBTL. Your map displays the ILS frequencies at one end of the rwy, i.e. YBCS the ILS map tap is at the approach to rwy 15. No ILS is shown for rwy 33. YBBN is similar. I will gather more data over time and list it in this topic. Thanks

I dont think that Biboorah VOR still exists? Cant find it. Do you have a current chart/database to back that up?

Its neither on skyvector nor in navigraph. I guess they shut it down.

There is no ILS for rwy 33.

I think you mix somethings up… :slight_smile:

Couple more: YAMB (air force base) 1 ILS only shown on southern approach. Townsville (as mentioned earlier) 1 x ILS on eastrern end rwy, Alice Springs YBAS, 1 ILS on sotun approach only (air force base used by USAAF) Cowra YCWR no VOR shown yet VOR freq is 112.4. I will find more as time goes by. Question: If there is only 1 ILS e.g. YAMB which is on the approach to rwy 33 is that ILS freq actually for rwy 33, or am I reading your map wrong and it should apply to rwy 15? Same with Cairns, Brisbane and Townsville where I have done instrument approached. e.g. rwy 150 into YBCS, the VOR instrument shows the deviation, left or right of the approach, yet it is indicating the opposite to the actual approach deviation, so if I am left of the ILS the instrument tells me I am right of it and vice versa.

Another: Richmond Air Force Base YSRI shows only 1 ILS and that is rwy 10. It shows an NDB but is missing the Tacan 044X. Katoomba YKAT is missing the NDB freq 233. I coulld problably spend the rest of the day searching but I hope I have achieved my point.

My arguement is: e.g. YBBN At rwy 01L there is a marker in the map which says rwu 01L. A short distance from that, on the approach side is the ILS frequency 109.5. This indicates, to me, rwy 01 has an approach ILSD frequency of 109.5. However, if you fly 109.5 you will soon realise it is for rwy 19R. This is the anomally. Why is the ILS shown at the wrong end of the rwy? It is the same for YBCS and YBTL. I have not tried other airports, nor other countries. It just does not make sense to me.

It’s probably because the localiser antenna for an ILS is physically located at the far end of the runway. So using YBCS as an example, the RWY 15 LOC antenna is located south of the RWY 33 threshold.

That explains every example you have listed.

And BIB VOR hasn’t existed for a number of years now. Neither has KAT NDB.

Whilst we’d love to help you, almost all of what you are describing is actually correct. Unfortunately some of your perceptions may be inaccurate or outdated.

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Dear sir, not every airport has an ILS for every runway! YAMB has only one on RW11!

I really, really think, you should make yourself familiar wirth these things, before you waste more time on „bug reports“ that arent any. :slight_smile:

Yes there are issues. You could have explained what you allegedly know. However, your insulting statement to me leaves me wondering about your credibility.

Thanks for the explanation, pitty other people were not so forthcoming with explanations.

Data contained in “(| Pilot Nav | Browse all navaids in AUSTRALIA)”; obviously is incorrect, as this is the program I rely on for navigation. This would mean Pilot Nav would have errors throughout the world. Physically, the VOR at BIB is still there. Not being a real life pilot, I assumed (by influence of PilotNav) that is still existed. AS I did mention, perhaps I may have been incorrect in my assumption the ILS at the approach end of a rwy was the ILS for that runway.

The Pilot Nav database is most definitely out dated.

Cooktown hasn’t had an NDB for years either. Probably a good thing too. Due to the physics of coastal refraction, if you followed the NDB accurately during the final segment of an approach, it would always point you straight towards Mt Cook rather than the airport. Haha. During an Instrument rating renewal, you could always tell when when someone was ‘cheating’ with the GPS, because they’d track straight to the airport instead.

There’s so many NDB’s also not working such as YBAF and YAMB, wait, has CASA shut off the NDB’s down under?


Since 2016 CASA started shutting down a large portion (200+) of the NAVAID network, as the industry shifts to GNSS as the primary means of navigation.

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landed at YBBN Brisbane. No ILS or atc just traffic advisories!

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