Austria Community Project

Hello there fellow simmers!

Im looking for creative people that want to improve the airfields and landmarks of Austria. The project would be 100% free and all done voluntarily also it would exclude all the professionally made 3rd party Airpots like atm LOWI LOWW and LOWZ. Meaning at the moment of typing this it would include 55 of other airfields and airports in Austria as well as landmarks

Curently Im working on LOAD Völtendorf Airfield and LOGM Mariazell Airfield and will recreate those to the smallest detail like the ones you see from 3rd party developers. As this is a dounting task to do Im searching for other people to help me on the way to improve Austria!!

Now you ask yourself but how is this done ?
Well my fiends its done using the SDK that MS provided. It may sound over complicated but in the reality it is not, after some guidence and training you will be ready in no time to jump into it and create some amazing Scenerys!

What kind of people should join the project ?
Enthusiasts, Photographers, 3d Modelers, Discord moderators, Reserchers, Drone Pilots, Real Pilots, Livery creators, Locals and ofc People that want to learn something new and have fun doing it ! No mather of your expiriance lvl and skill feel free to join, everyone starts from somewhere!

How would it all work?
Well basicly either one makes something by himself or joins in internal groups to work together on some projects (like Bigger Airports and such) or one does the 3d modeling other the implementation in game the third goes out in the filed and makes pictures for reference or even for use in photogrammetry. The most important part is there are no deadlines or anything similar work at your own pace in your free time.

What software are we going to use?
MSFS SDK, Photoshop, Gimp, 3d software and some others as well. The best thing about it almost everything is free or at least has a free alternative

How can I join?
For starters I made a discord server just for this project and everyone is invited! There we can plan and discuss our work alos fly together and test out new creations.

DISCORD Server : Austria Community Project

Hope to see you all there and if not thx for the read cheers!

PS: Oh yes a small insight from my upcoming LOAD Völtendorf project


this will be a long term project, I did this with some other people for x-plane and it took us about 3 years to complete!

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Are you planning to improve the Alps terrain mesh as well?
E.g. Innsbruck without the Martinswand looks really bad, although not as bad as the Grimming at LOGO.

yes ofc, as long as it takes with no time restrictions.

Dont know if the mesh editing is posible atm but if yes for sure would like into that as well

i would love to see Carnuntum and the airfields there

I’m planning to do something very similar for my city as well.

I wish you all the best in your endeavors to make Austria look beautiful in MSFS.

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thx a lot man and have fun doing your own projects as well

i also submitted some objects to :slight_smile:

@AnelToro0089 you are modelling a high amount of detail :slight_smile:

well depending on the resources tbh, Im working together with a friend and lately thnking of photogrammertry… it gives the best resoults overall. Have to look into it some more :slight_smile:

i tried photogrammetry myself, its good, fast, but building models from scratch by hand is another world :smiley:

Please do LOWL and LOLF that would be awesome! Greetings from Freistadt!!!

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here is a link to 3d cities

A lot of small Airfields are missing like LOGK, LOSM and LOIF.