Auto Coordination?

It looks to me as if auto coordination is still on in the release version even though I turned if off. Can anybody confirm that?

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Having the same problem, although the controls do work seperately as I can see from outside view during flight there is auto coordination.

All auto functions turned off in the menu …

Hoping for a fix

I presume you are referring to the slip and turn indicator [C172]] ?
Could you please confirm. Thanks

Actually, I am referring to the way the turn feels. The ball is another indication which I could ignore as a non-simulated feature. But it feels like auto-coordination. There is not the slightest indication of adverse yaw or slipping. You just roll left and it does a perfect turn.

By the way: Shouldn’t the plane have a bit more tendency to roll back to level flight? it will turn eternally without touching any control. To make sure: I am talking about the Cessna 152.


yes…at least.

As a try I took the Extra stunt-plane out for a test and although it is very sensitive to every move it does also auto-coordination.

Swinging the stick agressively to the left or right will just roll the plane like it should but otherwise having rudders is of no use.

Didn’t give attention at the Extra but the ball (indeed, slip and turn indicator) in the C152 confirms the auto rudding, it flies like flyingpauls is describing.

Only thing I can try (although manually I turned them off) is in the settings fly extra hard (as_real_as_it_gets) and see what the behaviour is then (now it is on medium with, as said, the 2 auto-rudder functions in the menu turned off).

If you need more info or want anything to test just let me know.

Thanks for your help!

PS: during taxi on the ground the rudder pedals do work fine, I guess it’s because they are also ‘connected’ to the nosewheel…