'Auto-exposure' effect when using the cockpit camera needs to go

The better answer would be a slider. Because I wouldn’t mind having this kind of visual effect but it’s like 10000x too strong right now :sweat_smile:


I love this feature and to my eye brain it looks correct and it adds to the immersion.

I think the problem is that our eyes acclimate like this almost automatically with very small eye movements and is virtually undetectable. In Trackir and mousing, I have to pan and zoom with purpose and be deliberate about making the right light setting happen. So this game has taken an involuntary automatic reaction and turned it into a physical control that takes an effort… and that’s why the brain something something and yes I agree an on off button would please everyone except for the folks that don’t like either setting or for the folks that like the way DCS does it and then there will be other folks that still can’t fly anyway.

Also hate it. The effect is way too strong and ruins the outside view when looking slighlty down to bring the top part of the instruments into view.


I like it as it is.

I do not understand at all how anyone can like a half blank screen!
My eyes are crying because of how horrible it is.


I like this feature a lot, and would hate to see it reduced or removed. So if anything is changed here, it should become an option, or a slider, to accomodate everyone’s preferences.

It is not a “bug” as it’s working as intended, and certainly doesn’t “need to go”.

optional is the best no more peeling onions !!

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I agree, thats a better idea. Then theres the option to turn it off but also for those who like a kind of middle ground they can have preset points. Maybe labelled: Off—Low—Medium—High----Very High

Yep, choice is better, currently overdone.

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Asobo sed that they will be fixing it in sim update 8

Honestly, If i could go blind by looking at the sun in the game, I’d play even more…

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the only thing you could fly being blind would be a rubber band …
the game needs many more shades of blue, red fields where you can see the yellow of sunflowers and millions of other things. but for now I’m content with being able to get rid of that reaper target …

Kite :unamused: post

Made this for another thread, but relevant here as well:

Since our monitors and preferences might differ quite a bit, which of these different “HDR Levels” do y’all think looks best, and would be your choice if you could choose?

I think i’d go for 5 or 6.
But my issue is not with the cockpit, it’s that everything outside is white :sweat_smile:

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I move close the thread, as it’s gone full-circle.

Everyone’s saying now what I and others said at the beginning.

Yeah I was surprised by your video how quickly the exposure was increased in VR just by a little bit of head movement, definitely looks like a metering issue.

I was just made aware of the following thread addressing exactly this issue and would recommend all VR users to head over & leave a vote:

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I voted on it, thank you for the link!

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A GUI setting is certainly the best solution to toggle these effects (like the other already in the option menus).

I would vote an option to disable the in-flight drop down menu as well

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