Auto-hide the mouse cursor when not in use?


Does someone know if there is an option to have the mouse cursor automatically hide after a few second when you do not use your mouse ? Just like in P3D or other flight sim.
In my case the mouse cursor is always present in the virtual cockpit even when not using the mouse it’s annoying.
I’m using a track ir for the view if it is meaningful.



My mouse doesn’t auto hide after sitting awhile. Any one else have this issue? any ideas on how to fix this. This is only happening in MSFS 2020. I can move it to the extreme edge of the screen to hide it but this isn’t the way it’s suppose to be. Thanks in advance for any help.

Hmmm… never experienced this. Are you only using a mouse for the entire thing ?

Same here, I just drag it to the bottom of screen for now

No Irksome, use only mouse for normal things like AP and input control. I’m using Trackir and wonder if that is causing the issue. everything else is working just fine, except of course the common bugs that everyone is having.

I’ll try and turn off Trackir and see if that’s what causing this.

Yeah, I would like to see that too.

Wish mouse to autohide when not in use.

Mouse is autohiding when not in use, I just checked.

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That’s interesting…mine has never auto hidden since purchase. Wonder if there’s something I’m missing.

Could this be due to “Windowed” versus “Full Screen” settings?
I run full screen and I’m pretty sure mine hides.


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It can sometimes take a while to hide, almost a random amount of time, and I’m not sure why, or what triggers the difference.

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Yes, I did a small testing: it takes from 3 seconds to 15 seconds in the same configuration, I am not sure why…

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Interestingly, I noticed that mine didn’t hide during the weekend. My recollection was that it used to hide at some time, but I’m not sure when it changed.

However, I have a theory:
Between the time when I’m fairly sure that it did hide and now, I have connected a Honeycomb Alpha yoke. There’s an issue in the sim which reveals itself when you have switches like the ones on the yoke. The error causes unwanted acceleration of things like the heading bug and trim controls. Check out other threads on the matter.

It has been demonstrated that one issue is that all buttons are repeating while depressed, including the bat/alt, avionics and light switches on the Alpha when they’re in the ON position. So maybe the sim displays the mouse pointer because it falsely detects that I’m pressing buttons?

Possibly, but I have the issue and don’t have a yoke/throttle with always on buttons. Mine is more a case of delayed, rather than never hiding.