Auto Pilot 172 G1000

I can not seem to get the auto pilot to work in the 172 G1000
it comes on but then when I go to adjust alt and heading , it has a mind of its own and does what it wants
there is no flight plan , just free flight I take off from a airport any where then want to set the Alt and Heading but its a no go
any help would be greatly appreciated

Try this video…

thank you will watch and see

Why MS has not given documentation is bull and I am not nor should any one else have to spend money on a manual any how diff topic gripe
thanks for the input

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To be fair, that’s not really how any complex simulators work.

In this day and age it’s not really how complex games work either, documentation is online, usually community provided.

But all of it is free, including the linked YouTube video - so you don’t need to “spend money on a manual”


thanks all
I would like to add to this I got the auto pilot to work sort of and the reason I did the post is because I thought I was doing some thing wrong, what is going on is the auto pilot when engaged works and then you enable the Alt and Heading all works good , now if you want the Alt on and the heading off when u turn the heading off the auto pilot says its off but you still can not turn the plane the auto pilot still is on for the heading when it should be off , am I making sense to you all
the other thing I have not figured out yet is to create a inflight flight plan
example , say I take off from a airport no flight plan done just free flight basically and say I am over lake Ontario and I want to go to KBUF (Buffalo NY) and bring up the G1000 Gps flight planer but I cant figure out how to put in the Airport in to the flight planer in the GPS

You can also preset everything on the G1000 autopilot to follow your flight plan even before you even taxi. Press B to set your altimeter, then…

Select GPS for your CDI source on the PFD (magenta arrow)
Press the FD (Flight Director*) button
Press NAV to engage the flight plan
Press ALT to engage Altitude Hold, than dial in your preferred cruise level
Press VS to choose your desired vertical speed or FLC to select your desired climb speed.

After takeoff and clearance to proceed, just hit the AP button and the plane will take over.

*The Flight Director shows up as the Magenta chevron on the PFD. Think of it as autopilot, but without the servos. If the magenta chevon is aligned with the yellow, you’re good. If not, fly toward the magenta until they line up again.

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That’s not how (most) APs work IRL either. The AP controls the aircraft or it doesn’t.

You can’t have a single axis (e.g.ALT) on AP control and heading manually.

If you deselect HDG, the AP will revert to its basic roll mode, which is either roll hold, or wings level.

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thanks Tclayton2k, yes I know I can set a flight plan before take off , that is not what I want to do most of the time when I am in the 172 I take off from a airport (Free Flight) then decide I want to go to another airport while I am up in the air, I would think we should just be able to put in that airport in the gps and then the gps will give us the line lets say to follow from the point we are at in the air to the airport that was input

@PZL104 you say that is not how MOST (being key word here) auto pilot is suppose to work , I can tell you the 172 I use to fly Not a G1000 the conventual 6 gauges with a separate GPS I could do that with the auto pilot
with that said even the plain 172 (6 gauges) in the sim does the same thing but it states heading off then roll comes on

thanks guys/gals

That’s what the Direct To (“D” with an arrow through it) is for. It takes a little getting used to using it, but it works well. And you can still do that on the ground before takeoff too.

I hit that and I saw direct to, what I cant figure out is how to put the airport icao in lets say KALB Albany Intl… how do I put the KALB in
thank you

What AP is that in your 172 exactly?
This has nothing to do with G1000 APs, even the standard KAP140 can’t do that.

In +17000hrs I’ve never came across any AP on which you could only enagage a single axis, so I’d really like to know.

I do not remember we are going back almost 20 yrs I wish I did , After I got shot they took medical away and I have not been in a plane sense, all I remember is it was old style 172 with a added GPS

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I’ve lost my medical (way too soon) after an accident a few years ago too.
Since flying was always my greatest love, I’ve never stepped into an airplane again after my last own flight and I’m not going to that ever again. :frowning:

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Some time life deals us bad cards, all we can do is make the best out of what we have and can still do
any how thanks for the help

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You may need to play around with it to get the hang of it. After you hit the button, you’ll need to use the FMS knobs to dial in your destination, then hit Enter once or twice. It’s not something I normally use ( I should though…), and I can’t find any decent videos with simple instructions.

Thanks very much
with your help got it figured out , THANK YOU

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another question and then i think i will have it all figured out for now lol,

is there a GPS/NAV button on G1000 like the old style C172, the reason i ask if i want to do vor to vor

Press the CDI softkey at the bottom of the Primary Flight Display to switch from GPS (Magenta) to NAV 1 / NAV 2 (Green). Those settings correspond to whatever frequency the NAV 1 & 2 radios are tuned to.