Auto pilot issues 747/787, anyone having issues on ver

I will try that next time in sim, Virpil VFX stick with T-50 Base, rock solid in all, FSX, XP-11, and MSFS.

Just my two cents, learn the Boeing AP system on the 78X first. It’s a newer plane, and in my opinion, much easier to fly. The steps on the 747 are essentially the same. The 47 is a flying tank. I find the weight of that beast the hardest aspect of it to deal with. It works fine though.

Thanks. My 747 frustrations were primarily due to the ILS frequency coming in wrong from the World Map flight plan. Apparently a “minor” sim bug that just lands you on the wrong runway. Did the same for the A320. No big deal :slight_smile:

Now that I know to look for that bug and manually correct the navigation frequency, the flying tank does go to the right runway. Now when I crash it, it’s just my fault :laughing:

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Hahaha…It’s a big boy. You’ll get it. Happy flying!

Watch out for the fuel tank management in the MSFS 747.
All four main tanks need to contain fuel at all times, otherwise you can run into problem like being unable to start the APU.

And get used to the unrealistic ground effect. Apart from that it’s not that bad and it’s presently the only ‘conventional’ airliner for hand flying, since Asobo turned the 787 into an Airbus with SU3.

Just like my first bush trip in the XCub when I “ran out of fuel” at 50% because I had no idea there was a left and right tank switch!

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