Auto taxi after landing disable?

Hello all,

During pushback and all of that I have complete control on taxi to the runway. After landing my aircraft goes all wonky and tries to taxi itself. Is there a way to disable this “auto taxi”? This is my first flight sim since ages ago and if I use the wrong terminology my bad. Anyways would really like to disable this as when I’m landing before I even come to a stop the aircraft is trying to taxi at 100 plus knots. Any help would be great thanks.


What aircraft? Theres no such thing as an auto taxi on an aircraft - Are you sure you’re disengaging the autothrottle on final / prior to landing?

Check that auto-landing is not selected in the Assistance options. I didn’t know that did the taxiing after landing, but I’ve never used it, so worth checking.

Even if this is activated, you should still be able to override the assistance, by applying your own controls, but that might cause a bit of confusion.

Last plane I flew was the air bus. I landed and I applied throttle for taxi and it followed the blue line (I have the taxi help since I’m not a professional) and it followed the line all by itself all the way to the gate without me putting in any steering input. And all auto pilot and auto throttle disengaged.

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No autolanding. I think all I have is the rudder control help for landing.

I have the same problem. I have gone through all assistance features but can’t find any way to turn it off. This keeps messing up all of my landings and is starting to get incredibly annoying and landings are practically impossible. Does ANYONE know how or where to fix this??



Could it be the co-pilot having control of the aircraft? Maybe check the on-screen menu options, under the icon that looks like a man’s head. There are a few options about how the co-pilot can help and one of them is for the co-pilot to control the aircraft. Maybe that’s what is doing it?

I have all that turned off…just confused as to why I can taxi manually prior to take off but after landing it takes control completely for taxiing. I have the “copilot” in charge of ATC only. I even forced the Airbus the complete opposite direction I needed to taxi and when I finally stopped fighting it for control it even went across grass and everything to get it back to where it needed to enter the taxi way then followed the line perfectly lol.

So, if you just leave the aircraft to it, does it taxi sensibly towards a gate/ramp or does it just veer off to one side?

I have the same issue. Once the landing gear touches the ground, it’ll veer off to the side to get to a gate even when I don’t plug in to ATC that I want a gate to park at. It will go through grass to get to the gate and won’t even allow you to land straight on the runway, the AI just veers the aircraft towards a gate

Once it gets to proper taxi way it will follow perfectly but does not control throttle. I can try and take over rudder control but it gets real jerky like it’s fighting me.

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Exactly what’s going on with me as well

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