Autobreak not working via TCA Quadrant in FlyByWire

Hi, I have the TCA Quadrant and when I change the Autobreak setting, it will not change in the A320.
I have FlybyWire latest version and developer mode. Without FlyByWire, the autobreak does change in MSFS when I adjust it with the TCA Quadrant.
So it looks like a FlyByWire issue. Does anyone have the same?

Also during takeoff the AutoBreak is MAX, when I’m in approach I can only set it myself (mouse) to medium for example, not to max.

Yes, we’re all having the same thing. It’s already reported in GitHub page. And it’s being worked on.

I think this is a tricky one to fix. Because The Autobrake in the Airbus is a Button. A button that activates when you press it, and deactivates when you press it again. So it’s technically a toggle button. But the TCA quadrant uses a switch to persistently gives input into the sim as a “Set” command.

If that’s with the FBW, then that’s how it works in real life. Max autobrake is only for RTO’s (rejected takeoff’s). LO and MED are reserved for landings only.

Thanks for your answer. I was not aware it was already reported.
The only thing is that I noticed that it is working in the FligthSim, but not working when you install the FlyByWire. So it looks possible. But let’s wait and see.

Yeapp… hence it’s reported to the FlyByWire team for analysis and fix. Just wait until they fix it. In the mean time just use the mouse to click them.

Even clicking the autobrake button they wont work.