Autoclose topic in BUG section

It seems to me that this is not entirely correct, when the bug is automatically closed after 30 days. There are unpopular bugs that are present all the time and no one fixes them. But this does not mean that they have disappeared.


Personally I think the auto closing of threads after 30 days is not very good, if anything it should be a year at minimum, especially when dealing with Bugs and Wishlist items.


This has been mentioned before and I have a vague recollection of someone official saying threads in the bugs section were being closed automatically in error and the function would be turned off for the bugs forum. Did that not happen or did it get reverted during a forum update cos no-one updated the backup?

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No, they are still closed.
I believe they can be reopened again though, simply by posting to them.


This topic was automatically closed 30 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.

This is also bad because not all bugs are popular and not all unsubscribe about it. This does not mean at all that the BUG does not need to be corrected. Closing a post looks like: “Well, since no one writes or votes, then this is an insignificant and irrelevant bug and we can close our eyes to it”



If it gets talked to death it eventually gets closed because it goes in circles - if enough has been said it gets closed…

Either way the space under the carpet is filling up!

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I have had entire threads arbitrarily closed within just hours of the last reply because of the XXX XXXX of one particular XXXXXXXXX.
And yes, this 30 day rule - particularly when applied to the Bug section - is both draconian
and counter productive.

Addendum: Apologies for the redactions.

The function is in place both to keep some organization within the forum as well as to help prioritize perhaps what the community considers valuable. Obviously, the bugs section is not the end all or be all of the Asobo bug collection or QA. If a topic is closed automatically the OP is also free to message the team if they believe it should be re-opened, and this has been done before.

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Thanks, I thought that was how you did it.
I knew there was a way, I had seen it done in here before.
Angernerve explained it !

Why not simply disable that feature? Auto-closing doesn’t make much sense in the first place, maybe after a year or so with no activity or the bug is solved, but a month?

What happens when two months later someone wants to discuss / ask a question about a bug or topic, searches, finds the closed thread and decides to open a duplicate one?

EDIT: Another community had the same question: Should topic threads stay open or be closed after 90 days? - Meta - SketchUp Community


Not that I disagree with you (I agree 100%) but there are ways.
You can contact a moderator, as mentioned above, and re-open the thread.
Or, indeed, as you have suggested, make a new one!

FYI: The auto close is now only applied to General Discussion threads.

I’ve debated this very question privately with community managers and new topics should not longer be automatically closed despite the notice at the bottom saying so. However existing topics might close and in this case I believe contacting a moderator is the way to go.


Thank you for doing so.
I, too, did not care for the way these type of closed posts were handled!

Hi everyone.

This feature was enabled a few months ago as an experiment in General Discussion and Bugs and Issues prior to the new category structure. The idea is to stop people from reviving old and often irrelevant topics.

After the Bugs and Issues category was restructured, we had an internal discussion and decided to disable the auto-close function in Bugs and Issues as it was counterproductive, especially with our enhanced layout in that area of the forum.

At this time it should only be active in General Discussion. The slight catch here is that a topic inherits the auto-close setting of its topic at creation. So any topic that was created in Bugs and Issues before the feature was turned off there still has the timer attached, and needs to be removed manually.

With that in mind, you can contact @moderators if you spot a topic that…

  • Is in Bugs and Issues and has been automatically closed

  • Will automatically closed and is in bugs or issues
    We can remove the topic timer from this topic, which is a more sensible alternative to you creating an empty post to bump the topic

  • Was created in Bugs and Issues relatively recently ( since 2021-01-26T11:00:00Z ) that has the message

    This topic will automatically close 30 days after the last post

    The setting had to be disabled on a sub-category level, so it is possible one may have been missed. If you see a new topic with this message, create a private message to @moderators and ping me specifically so I can check some logs, and alert the CMs if there may be an issue.


This topic was automatically closed 30 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.