Autogen Airports too dark, aircraft lights do not illuminate surroundings

Autogen airports are too dark especially on ramps and aprons during the night. There should be a autogen mechanism for lights as well. Taxiway lights are dark and in the middle of the taxiway.
Nearby citylights and building lights do not contribute to the ambient lighting.
Aircraft lights do not illuminate correctly and even taxi or landing lights illuminate 1m and in a tight cone instead of dispersing that light or light a proper distance and in a significantly larger cone.

Is it only me or airports are very very dark during the night time? EKCH is completely dark during night time. There is no lightning to light up the gates and the airport field. Normaly there are strong lights that light up the field but I can not see any.


No, it’s not only you. Generated airports are dark as well it seems.
Beyond that , Landing and Taxiing lights seem to try to pierce the darkness but cannot.
Nights are really dark.


Been my experience too, had a tricky time seeing things when taxiing out of EGNT. To be fair though, I’ve not been at airports at night so I’m not entirely sure whether it should be this dark or whether there should be more lighting around. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve reported this bug to Zendesk.


I agree with the central point here, aprons and terminal buildings should be much brighter at night. The lighting engine is certainly capable, just look at the sports grounds etc that are lit up like Christmas trees!


I did the same

You mean Tarmac flood lights? Yeah, totally missing. I guess you have to buy an ORBX airport if you want those “details”

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try color correction by geforce experience, it works


Nah, I’ve tried that but the result is awful

The funny thing is, in real life and a lot of high quality games…when you get a red light from a vehicle the red light also lights up the surrounding area in red…depending on the strength of the light. ie, a cars brake lights will light the tarmac up behind the car in red…a little.

Not in this game.

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Yup, just did a nightflight in a Cessna Jet drom EDLW to EDDT and if it wasn’t for the runway and taxi lights, and a dim glow from the terminal windows, you’d think there was a power outtage or a blackout because of an impending bombing raid. :smiley:

Usually airport aprons are covered in flood lights, making things very bright and shiny, giving off that particular airport night vibe, which is sadly missing in the sim:


I don’t mean tarmac. I mean large reflectors to light up the area near the terminal. I paid for so called ‘handcrafted airports’ and they are completely dark. I have right to expect the airports to have at least few lights in the night time. In EKCH I wouldn’t be able to see anything if it weren’t the taxi lights. It reminds me of FS2004 experience.


I agree was came to see if i was alone Kbos is dark too I would expect the other AI to be light up too no nav lights or tails light up at the gates…I was hoping for real liverys hopfully this will come. My home airport is a mess Taxi lights where they should not be in the middle of aprions ext…


Correct. Runway and approach lights can in fact be really tough to see, especially at an angle, but when overflying airports at high altitude you can usually identify them easily by their very prominent apron flood lights.

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Yep same issue here, at night most airports (especially airstrips) are in complete darkness, I enjoy flying at night or during sunset and it’s just impossible with this sim, you can’t even see the airports.

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Taxi, Landing, Nav and Strobe do not light surroundings as they should.


Autogened airports are lacking floodlights at night causing them to be very dark at night.

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EKCH is not handcrafted. It is generated.

Yeah it my mistake. I am very sorry I did land in Amsterdam today and it looks very good in comparison to EKCH. I am sorry for claming it’s handcrafted.