Autogen rocks

Hi folks,

Been away for quite a while and I picked up the sim today after SU10 and found these strange rock formations on a local volcano. Definitely not there before.

Is that a glitch or were rock formations added at some point since the last time I played? Can they be disabled? I have no mods that could be adding that either.

Could you please provide some more information? Like where?

Also-did you disable any scenery mods?

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Thanks for the report.
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Sure I can.

Location is: 10.46210821254878, -84.70344776347237

I did not disable scenery mods but I haven’t changed those mods (and haven’t been updated) since the last time I flew around that area. I will disable them and re-test just to be 100% sure.

Rocks gone with the mods. So one of the mods is not liking one of the newer sim updates. Not sure which one given I skipped the last 3 or so, but that was it. We can consider this one solved.

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Topic Author indicated mod is root cause.