Autogen with more variety

I would like to wish for more variety in autogen like shops, petrol stations, hotels.
They could be placed real world placement using open street map.
it could also be nice to have more different colours on walls of autogen. They could be randomiced by an algoritm.
This all could improve cities outlook.
I want global solution not just a city . it could be country based, but prized continentally
and the height data of buildings could also be updated
Extrude 2D polygons to 3D - GRASS-Wiki (

heres the picture of default cities skylines

heres a one real photo

The Most Colorful Cities in the World - WorldAtlas

anyone, Asobo, just somebody

I would like to see some diversity in the buildings and trees that form in the world. For example I fly alot of the time around the UK and its a real immersion killer when you fly through the Scotish highlands or Lake district and all you see is office blocks in the most remote of areas. Most of these are in place of rural homesteads, farm houses or power stations. I for one know its not just UK its every country in the world this seems to happen.

Thats just a small example but I think it would add so much more immersion if they added.

Power stations
Water towers
Aerial masts
Caravans/trailer parks
Correct shade/colour of houses to certain areas in the world. For example White buildings missing in Spain/North Africa.
Palm trees added to Mediterranean Countries and Canary Islands/Spain

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The Netherlands is covered with canal houses, even in parts of the country where in reality there are none.
I hope “they” will change this in a future update…

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