Autopilot altitude on ALL airplanes not working when enabling AP

today 18 May 2022 i’ve noticed an issue that was not there before:

I set AP altitude
then set course (or not)
enable ALT and HDG
Enable AP. When AP enables, VS automatically turns on and the ALT selection goes to current altitude.
If i try to modify the ALT, I won’t be able to as it will always go back to the current one, and increase/decrease accordingly. VS works fine, tho.
If somehow I get to have a different altitude, it would keep increasing as the airplane increases altitude as well (or vice versa)

I am using a HoneyComb Bravo to manage the autopilot, but i’ve also tried with all joysticks disconnected and used AP with mouse, same problem.

This happened after last update. It was working fine before.

With which aircraft/autopilot do you see this?

all of them.
Tried with TBM, then a couple of purchased aircraft, with the a320.
its pretty annoying. maybe i should reinstall again

Now it happens only with the purchased airplanes.
Is there a way to reset autopilot preferences or something like that?
it’s weird.

The first thing to do is check the auto pilot is working on all default aircraft and also check your controllers for any configuration issues.

Thing is i did not change anything, and suddenly out of the blue it didn’t work anymore. I will reinstall the game i guess

Try this: Get in a default aircraft, get it to whichever altitude you want. Then turn on the flight director first, select an altitude 1000ft above your current altitude, set a positive vertical speed at some appropriate value for your chosen plane, and then turn on the autopilot. Do all this using the buttons in the cockpit if you can, to avoid any potential binding issues. Let us know if it works then.

FYI, IRL you never really touch the alt button on the AP unless you want it to hold whichever altitude you’re currently at. To climb/descend to a new altitude, you set the altitude and use V/S or FLC mode to climb/descend to it. The G1000 will switch over to ALT mode and hold your selected altitude once you reach it all by itself. Other autopilots are different but generally you would arm the altitude hold in conjunction with V/S or FLC mode, rather than just turning on ALT hold. Then it will get to and hold the altitude. At least with the Bendix king units I used.