Autopilot, banking, buttons, time of day, earth view...WOW

Wow…this autopilot is awful. The buttons don’t switch on and off when the on-screen tips say they will. The heading hold on the 747 can’t be turned off, neither can the altitude hold.

The autopilot is a mess. I can’t select an altitude on the G1000 and fly to it sometimes. It just doesn’t work.

When you disengage the autopilot the planes sometimes goes into a death spiral and smashes into the ground.

When flying after a while about 20 minutes the plane starts tipping to the left or right, and it’s not fuel balance dependent. There is no joystick/yoke connected either.

I have to move my mouse left and right to change a knob value…that is just awful and not accurate. It’s the worst.

Previous versions used to have a + and - next to the time of day, now it’s just a slider. If I want to set an exact time of day, because I like the look of a sunset, it’s really difficult now. Please put back the + and - buttons.

Nice idea to have real cloud coverage over a continent…BAD idea to have real cloud coverage because I just can’t find the airport I’m looking for…because it’s covered by cloud!!! Forget the cloud coverage, it’s pointless. I’d rather just see a map.


WOW…a year on after release and it’s still a mess…it does look nice though, but it’s not a simulator.

Vote on what in particular? Search your issues, one at a time, quite sure you’ll find your answers.

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