Autopilot Disengage/English Issues/ATC

Could someone explain to me the difference between “set autopilot disengage” and “toggle disengage autopilot”?

It’s like Asobo didnt bother consulting any veteran flight simmers nor did they assign anyone from the English-speaking world who has both flight sim experience and English skills to help with labeling these menus or ATC. There seems to be a disconnect somewhere.

They said they improved ATC phraseology in the last update and it still isn’t correct. It’s closer, but still wrong. Doesnt Asobo have access to the FAA manual for ATC communications? Have they even read it? If not, how about hiring someone who has?

Usually, the “set” versions are meant to be used with persistent on/off switches.
“Toggle” is for buttons where you press once for On and a second time for Off.

I must admit that “set autopilot disengage” sounds strange. Are you sure that’s what it says? Could be a typo in the menus.

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That’s what it says. Thanks.

The view system is also full of such lost in translation examples.

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Yeah, I understand how language differences might occur and I wouldnt take note of it normally. But in this case, since English is the official world language of aviation, an native-born English expert might be worth putting on the roster to help with these things, preferably a guy with expert ATC experience. And I would like to see the slight variance of how different countries interpret English in aviation. Papua New Guinea (English) has an unusual system, for instance. Europe is different from US airspace. Even Russia is different in way from the rest of Europe. But to my knowledge, English is used around the world 95% of the time. And yeah, the sim menus could stand a bit of repair.

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