Autopilot Hunting

Please ASOBO the aircraft model or the autopilot need to be fixed!

At a given fuel flow, elevator position we should be able to get any plane to do a procedural climb, or decent. Should be able to fly straight and level. I can’t achieve this with any of the GA aircraft.

Hi @meh1951,
If you have not done so, file a zendesk on this as this is the proper way of reporting to Asobo.

You can also contribute an up vote to one or more of these related to autopilot:
Search results for ‘autopilot category:200’ - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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I all ready have. I think this is a known issue I would have thought it would have been fixed by now. It’s one of the first things you learn how to do during flight instruction.

Yes, it has been brought up in some Q&A’s and they know about it. Keep a watch in the News & Announcements for a future Q&A. When these happen, Q&A topics that have high votes will get directly asked to the developers. :+1:

What do you mean with “procedural climb or descent”, I have been a flight instructor for 5 years and I haven’t heard of it :sweat_smile:. Isn’t every climb or descent procedural?

you are correct

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