Autopilot in A320 NEO is not working

hello together,

since the last update, the Autopilot in the A320 NEO is not working.
When I´activate the AP, the airplane climb not and the NAV ist not working.

When came the update for this Aitrplane?

Please fixed this Issue ASAP!!!


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The Cessna 172, FLC does not seem to be working properly either or intermittently.

Have you operate the FCU correctly by pushing the buttons? I fly on the A320 on the modded A32NX practically everyday and all my flights have no issues.

Just download the A32nx mod.

I have the same problem. Activating AP after takeof results in a steep left turn of the plane. It doesnt follow the flightplan and would crash if I nor fly by hand. Also when installing a32nx same problem.

Make sure you set flight model to Modern
Assists are set to Hard/True to Life
AI Copilot controls are off
Deadzone of at least 10% on all your axis.

I did the similar flight at the laptop. And, have no problems. Same joystick. Only the PC makes crazy AP problems, not just with the A 320. Also B 787 does fly left turns. Whats wrong with the PC?

Autopilot is working again at my PC. I just changed Joystick adjustments to “Standard” !

What was it before?

To be honest, I played around with adjustments, but cant say what I did specifically. I remember I changed a bit the sensitivity and may be the deadzones. But it did what it should for quite a while before the problems with the AP came up. May be in combination with the last update which was only a few MBs big?